Petty Officer Police received a medal For Courage 17 years later

Medal "For Courage" was handed to the Assistant ITT duty of the Interior Ministry of Russia TOGUCHINSKY district of Novosibirsk region Stanislas Siuhinu. This award is the police sergeant earned more in the first Chechen campaign, being a sailor-conscript.

The decree of the President of Russia indicates that Stanislav Siuhin awarded "for his courage, heroism and bravery shown during the performance of the special task." As noted by his current colleagues at the headquarters of the Russian Interior Ministry in Novosibirsk region, it was a military operation, and the award for her "looking for her hero to April 1996."

"At the time he been serving in the Pacific Fleet. In January 1995, the regiment of marines was sent to Chechnya. The hero of that time tells briefly — for a business trip in the regiment killed 36 people in May fighters units returned to Vladivostok. In Stanislaus grow two sons. Junior wants to become the commander of special forces "- told the regional head office of the Interior Ministry.

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