Philanthropy in the U.S.

The Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman unveiled the annual report on charitable organizations that collect donations.

According to the report Pennies for Charity, only 50.3 cents of every dollar donated is sent to a charity in New York City, if the collection is on the telephone marketers. All the rest of the money into the pockets of the organizers.

Telephone marketing staff collected in 2010 $ 249 million on behalf of 411 charities. Approximately $ 157 million has been spent on administrative costs. Thus, only 37% of the money collected came to the needy (the homeless, the sick, the poor, the hungry, and so on).

Schneiderman results in the report the following facts and figures:

-77% of charities spend on administration costs (staff salaries, the organization of fundraising, attracting celebrities and public figures) more than 50% of the collected funds.

-47% of charities spend at least 30% of the appointment of donated money. Therefore, if you donated to the fight against cancer $ 100, the actual amount of the donation is less than $ 30.

-Only 46 of the 564 charitable campaigns substandard Better Business Bureau, according to which the organizer can not hold more than 65% of the total donations.

His most big scandal erupted around the Coalition Against Breast Cancer (Coalition for Breast Cancer Cures — CABC), which has adopted almost 99% of the collected money — $ 5.5 million over five years.

Head CABC went to jail for not less than two but not more than six years. He was also ordered to pay compensation of $ 1.5 million.

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