Phobos-Grunt is entering the home straight

"Phobos-Grunt" — Welcome to the Russian science project is entering the home stretch. The spacecraft sent to the vibration test. A few weeks it will shake, creating the most complex space environment.


"We have assembled the spacecraft completely eliminated all the shortcomings, — says deputy general designer" NPO. Lavochkin "M.Martynov. — Not everything went smoothly, and in the months went by equipment failures. We are beginning to finishing the test apparatus and proceed to start preparing. "

Automatic space complex "Phobos-Grunt" sent to the eponymous companion of the Red Planet by rocket "Zenit" in November.


It is planned that after three years the unit will return to Earth of extraterrestrial samples of soil, in which scientists expect to find so-called first-born substance. That — of which our solar system was born.

"This is the first step to understanding what conditions will meet with living matter, including people on the slopes of interplanetary space", — the head of the experiment "BioFobos" Vladimir Sychev.

After 10 months of flight in orbit of Mars, from the Russian spacecraft will separate Chinese scientific microsatellite.
"At its core — it’s a two-point study of the Martian atmosphere, using two satellites — says Maxim Martynov. It will be a radio sounding, this has not had any and never will. After that, each satellite will live their lives: our — closer to the satellite of Mars, and China — to continue to study. "

Landing interplanetary station Phobos — not the one that used to be on the moon or Mars. She even planting will not name. It will be a coming together of two bodies: the spacecraft and the moons of Mars. Then — a real dock. The unit rests on the Phobos and collect soil special manipulator.
"Asteroids, unlike planets, does not recycle its substance, — explains the situation researcher at the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg Vladimir Surdin. — The body is small, they nor volcanoes or lakes, or atmosphere, and that the substance from which they are formed so they millennia and is conserved and stored therein record the solar system. "

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