Photo: An-148 at the airport Tolmachevo

Report Glory Stepanova

AN-148 — turbofan short-haul narrow-body passenger aircraft of the new generation. Developed in OKB. DC Antonov. Modification of the An-148-100E provides for operation under conditions of low temperatures and high altitude, landing on the ground with the ground prepared runways, which is especially important for the implementation of socially significant operations in the northern regions of Siberia.



December 20 at the International Airport "Tolmachevo" in Novosibirsk made the first landing of An-148-100E airline "Angara", who arrived from Irkutsk.

Salon is designed to carry 75 people

Range — up to 4,200 km.

Cockpit An-148


The aircraft is powered by two turbofan engines D-436-148 development ZMKB "Progress"


Production of the An-148 is deployed at the Kiev Aviation Plant "AVIANT" in Ukraine and the Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VACO) in Russia.

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