Photo. Birth engine Vladimir electromotor plant (concern Ruselprom)

"PK" VEMP "- the largest Russian manufacturer of induction motors,part of the Russian electricalconcern "RUSELPROM".

We offer you the eyes to see the process of production of low-voltage electric motor

Sheets rotor

Building packages stator


Rotors, filled with aluminum


The complex mechanical winding

Winding sections

Welding leads that

Tests of core

Manual winding engines kruponogabaritnyh

Impregnation complex

Vacuum-impregnated cores

Mechanical machining of shafts

Made shaft

Made shaft

Handling end shields

Handling end shields

Aluminum raw materials

Machines for ferrous castings

Machines for ferrous castings

Machines for ferrous castings

Fill in the alloy casting machine

The complex blasting aluminum parts

Aluminum frame after blasting

Acceptance tests of explosion-proof motors

Acceptance tests of industrial motor


Electric motors after painting

Packed accessories

Packaging and Storage

Inpacking and storage of finished products

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