Photo essay: the progress of construction of the largest highway tunnel Adler

Completed the first half of works on the pavement in the largest road tunnel.

In the road tunnel of the third tunnel complex, whose length is 3200 meters, and work is continuing on the installation of the roadway.

One of the two lanes almost ready — builders left lay only a few tens of meters of concrete pavement. The construction of the second band will begin in early January next year.

— Construction of the pavement occurs in several stages, — said Andrey Peregoudov foreman. — The first five stages — laying it "rough" concrete Grade B7, 5. The sixth stage — this is the device of the pavement. This stage is used concrete class B30. Now we are finishing the construction of the first band width of 4.5 meters, and then derive the paver from the tunnel to make repairs and preventive maintenance. Then the construction of the roadway will be continued.

Simultaneously with a pavement in the road tunnel, the third tunnel complex of works on the construction of the ceiling vent.

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