Photo report about what’s inside AvtoVAZ

Continuing further irritate Russian blogosphere achievements. This time, I’ll tell about everyday life "AvtoVAZ."

You will learn that "a bucket of nuts" has long been a thing of the past, and the plant was transformed beyond recognition. Moreover, the "AvtoVAZ" has become a unique car enterprise in the world, which brings together cars of three brands: Renault, Nissan and Vaz. Let’s lapping at the mercy of reality, evil demons, the blogosphere)
By the way, in the photo above, flash drive in a yellow Lada-Kalina against the background of the emblem of the expedition "Russia — a country of opportunities." On the third day of the expedition we arrived in Togliatti, AvtoVAZ not visit, we could not.

Here he works — the legend.

Inside the plant surprising. The first thing we were shown a welding system Kalina

The WHA this complex called Garden Robot

Around some robots

Although rare, there are people

All tech equipment — a German company KUKA

Everything is clean and order

To ensure the accuracy of the geometry of each shift are randomly selected and tested ready body in the chamber

Only once I saw the manual welding


Water for workers

Shop Manual tells us about the device manufacturing process

We pass by moving the ceiling cars

And get to the first joint project of AvtoVAZ and Renault-Nissan Alliance

Assembly line is divided into 9 sections in accordance with the production of Renault

Now this line of cars going to the next generation — universal LADA Largus

Turn on Largus breaks all records

Ask why? Product quality AvtoVAZ now not inferior to foreign analogues!

I want to say about their impressions about the company: I was surprised by the crowd of people — it seems that you are not at the factory and at the mall

AvtoVAZ itself is so large in the occupied territory (874 605 sq. m. Areas) that there are even their in-plant plugs

Changing the image of AvtoVAZ is primarily within the enterprise.

The engine is placed in a couple of minutes

Every 16 seconds, 1 car available!

Basically, the plant operates youth

Inside the car, as a foreign car

And here is the Nisan, produced by AvtoVAZ

Here I sit and think now is not whether to go to the next expedition to the Largus? What do you say?

Author photo essay Sergei Nikita (nikitskij)

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