Photo report c Kiev armored plant

At the Kiev factory armored completed for handover next batch of BTR-3E1. In a short time these cars will be made by representatives of Thailand.

While the machines are not left the plant, the company’s management has kindly provided the opportunity to spend a little photo shoot. In the frame of the BTR-3E were in various stages of readiness.

In Soviet times, the main products of the Kiev BTRZ were capitally repaired tanks T-72 family. Now these machines are not only repaired, but are deep modernization. On the way out of the assembly hall filmed several modernized T-72B with a new dynamic protection of Ukrainian origin, as well as the modified ITO — the engine is replaced by 5TDF-M with fan cooling, diesel generator set, allowing power the electric machines and machine systems when the main engine . 

  (Report Chobitka VV)

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