[Photo Report] International exhibition Russian Coal and Mining 2013

From 4 to 7 June 2013 in the Exhibition of Mining Technologies prininyali attended by more than 550 Russian and 175 foreign exhibitors from 25 countries.

The exhibitors — manufacturers and suppliers of mining, mine rescue, power and hydraulic equipment and tools, machinery, equipment and materials for the mining, etc. Special attention was paid to the tools and technologies of safety and life of the miners.

Expo area was about 40,000 square meters. m, where it was shown exhibits of 7315, 2,696 of them — for the first time. The exhibition was visited by 21,000 people, of which 96% — experts from around the world.

Even a few days before the start of all the hotels in Novokuznetsk were filled by foreign guests. And in order to have enough space at the fair to all, the organizers had to enter another fixed Pavilion, a total area of 2500 sq.m. two The hype is because the world leader in the Kuzbass coal mining.

This Belaz recently been put into the company SDS


I suggest you photos from this show:


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