Photo report of a trip to Metrovagonmash

Beware, under the cut a lot of photos and videos

1. Kazan composition (second of three ordered, first shipped in December and now came on line) in the debug area.


3. The front part is characterized by the lack of an antenna for wireless transmission of video signal (of course it is the composition of the set), and the name of the city next to the logo of the company.


5. My favorite angle :)

6. Stood alone beside the interim coach for Moscow.


8. The average non-motorized cart.

9. The control frame to verify compliance with the finished rail bus rail loading gauge.

10. PA2.




14. New coloring PA2’s signature color Railways.



17. Other visual differences Kazan cars — arms around each door (in the arms of Moscow only in the cab) and the words "Mind the Gap" in two languages.


19. PA2 mangled engine (do not know what happened to him) and the stand which, as I understand it, is a target for the calibration range.

20. The neighboring oil, which collects PA2. Fiberglass mask is not painted, so the full version of the new livery remains a mystery.

21. Naked body. Actually it will be a wagon in a month.

22. Future cabin.

23. This frame cabin, which is hidden under the "prettiness" fiberglass mask.

24. Go ahead — oil assembly "Rusich".

25. A video showing the process:

26. Almost ready, "head" to the next of Kazan.



29. The plant (currently only in the nave) introduced "Lean Production" — is the equipment and accessories are not randomly scattered across the free area, and carefully placed in the specially delineated zones.

30. The cars are high-technology carts here to hang him undercar equipment, carry out the air ducts, etc.


32. On the "upper level" is assembling shops and booths.




36. In these tables, interior trim parts are ready to install — all hardware and pick locks.

37. Beauty in the assembly process.

38. Installation of equipment cabin.

39. Funny artifact on the door — the upper part of the standard plate wagon model of the late 90’s — early
00’s (now metal plates).



42. Information booth. Contrary to the strange inscriptions in the "cap", there is no assembly line here — the production of cars Stacker (and worldwide).

43. Some charts and maps "lean manufacturing".

44. Are meeting on various issues, mostly small things such as not installed in time for the next car parts or barahlyaschego lighting racks.


46. Cabin for meetings.

47. Ride on overhead cranes, an impressive sight.

48. Videos with a full travel along the nave: (there is an accelerated version of the four-fold).

49. Crane operator (of the special modesty requested person does not show, so from the back).

50. Back in the nave debugging finished cars. Here are just wound up head section PA2, noise indoors it generates decent.

51. Video:

52. The day after my arrival, transfer cars planned for shipment, so they had to be dragged off to the further sorting. (Later revealed to be delayed shipment)

53. Tighten the cable car to the transborder.

54. Then carry on a different path.

55. Following will go head car.



58. The next item on the program have been numbered for Baku in the revolutionary paint, which — forgive me bakintsy — personally I is associated with the experiments student in the program MS Paint.

59. Some common numbering close the gap.

60. Beauty Baku wagon — will be completely normal.


62. The very mechanical ventilation, which in numbered widely believed allegedly not.

63. The cabin will soon establish control.

64. Ready head coach


66. Another artifact — a truck with bolted plates endpoints that might have been forgotten in the repair of cars arrived.

67. As seen on the left side carriage, one of the sections of the mask of the head car door made as to which prepended gangway for passenger evacuation. This innovation, implemented at the request of Moscow, is installed on all new cars sometime in 2004.


69. Assembled cars in a nearby aisle.


71. If you do not pay attention to the gray-yellow door, then with some perspectives on the coloring of the Moscow trolley recalls.

72. Lucky — Baku rolled the head somewhere, too, so it was possible to make a shot.

Taken from here, where you can take a full-size photos.

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