Photo report of the production of Il-76MD-90A Aviastar-SP

 22 September 2012. had made its first flight izd.476 in accordance with the program. Mission duration was 29 minutes. During the flight test evaluated the functioning of all systems and equipment of the aircraft, its engines at various stages of flight, evaluation of stability and control systems, electronic display, made a comprehensive assessment of the braking system, reversing devices, brake flaps, the operation of flight and navigation, radio and radio communications equipment, within the limits of those, according to the manufacturer’s flight test program.

 According to the crew commander of a test pilot Nikolai Kuimova defined — "all aircraft systems were working normally, without any problems." 


+30 photos

But the most gratifying that, in parallel with the creation of the first prototype aircraft on Aviastar were preparing for mass production of the machine. We managed to walk through the shops of the enterprise, and what we have seen is impressive. Extent of huge — all the evidence suggests that mass production of the first 476 is already a reality. We offer you a special photo spread with "Aviastar-SP": 



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