Photo tour: Times of the city.

We Noyabr’sk — the first largest city in Yamal, albeit of short duration (as in most oil and gas cities), but nice enough and event-driven story.

It began in November (hence the current name of the city) in 1975, when the ice of the local river Itu-Jaha landed the first landing of drillers, consisting of 40 people. Their task was to begin development of a rich oil field Kholmogorsky.
And in 1976 the construction of the railway station for the full-scale development of the Yamal oil. The construction was accelerated pace, so in 1979, it opened the regular traffic on the railway Surgut and November, and the road (as w / d, and the car) pulled farther north. That’s why Noyabr’sk is the southern gateway of Yamal. In 1976, the richest storehouses of the country receives the first of the Yamal oil. In 1979 NOYABRSK given the status of the camp, and April 28, 1982 Noyabr‘sk in accordance with the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR became a city with a population of more than 30 thousand people.


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