Photos from Lada Largus Taxi

We present our Lada taxi Largus in factory-tuning.

  • Lada Largus Taxi
  • Lada Largus Taxi

In fact, this is the standard, most packed, seven-passenger van Largus. From a good family car made a very convenient taxi. And right at the factory.

  • Lada taxi Largus
  • Lada taxi Largus

Of improvements here — not only have cheap roof, but also a lot of dopopolnitelnogo equipment which is normally, straight from the factory.

To the usual "Largus" was the taxi, he tightened the radio, the taximeter (beats checks in accordance with the distance covered), a luminous inscription «TAXI» in the upper right corner of GLONASS navigation, dual DVR (writes what is happening inside and outside the car).

And dorogushchee Italian baby seat.

  • Lada Largus Child Seat
  • Lada Largus Child Seat

It is not known, it is so thinly conceived or coincidence, but restrained on the back seat behind the driver. Some people believe that in the event of an accident it is the safest place.

And yet there is a terminal to pay for a trip by bank transfer! The exclamation point want to put three. Because this is such a breakthrough in passenger traffic, which is comparable to the scale and significance of the Hadron Collider and stem cells.

When can I pay for a trip by card in all the taxis finally believe that the "Skolkovo" with "Innoprome" does not exist in vain. But while such a charm and the capital-that does not exist everywhere: there the old fashioned way — Ashot thousandths crumpled in his hands. And then — get out as early as the base — plastic! Yes, all the same, "!"

And for taxis — that or not? Largus as such — definitely yes. It is not something that a couple can carry passengers — small delegation from the airport to meet. But the cost of packaged and custom-painted version — somewhere in the neighborhood 599,800 rubles. Of these, 449800 Largus in itself is stuffed with a complete set of airbags, air conditioning and seven seats, more tentatively, about 150000 additional costs. equipment.

Honestly, nothing complicated to tie the device to the glass, and in the glove box to throw the coveted Cashless payment terminal, no. Another question is whether the potential client time with all this mess. Maybe overpay a certain amount, let’s say, fifty thousand, but for you all to tie in the factory?

It let everyone decide by himself. Our business — to make the verdicts. And then I will not contradict himself: still believe that Largus in a civil version, whether the cargo, whether retail delivery incarnation indecently good. It is worthy of collecting (although large gaps between body panels still is) well equipped with, and the prices, I confess, not lomyat. Decide to complete taxi cab company — look at him boldly.


+ Bulletproof Suspension, spacious interior and trunk, reasonable equipment for the role of a taxi, decent build quality interior
Motor for driving with a full load of frankly not enough, the program "cut" close, arm twisting and turning frequently; suspension allows for shaking and "kozleniem" on the pavement roughness and ribbed

 Specifications Largus Taxi same as that of the conventional wagon.




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