Photos from the show of military equipment Bronnitsi

Blog Vitaly Kuzmin:

The third part of the report to show a promising military equipment, which was held on June 10 at the site of the research center of the test vehicles 3 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Bronnitsi.

In this part of the equipment placed on the site for the show in statics. Automobile companies MIC, ZIL, Protection Corporation, a bit Zebari and bus Fed. MIC, it should be noted, were quite common, and showed more than the new Bear and Tiger-M, a new Tiger-6a as close as possible to the characteristics of the Iveco LMV, wolf with an updated instrument panel and seats, as well as those already Interpolitex Powertrain R-145BMA. Protection Corporation after the recent premiere at the Integrated Security again showed Scorpio-LTA, a full set of their converted UAZ, as well as armored vehicles based on the Gazelle and the Urals.

Special vehicle Scorpio-LTA

Multipurpose vehicle VPK-39272 "Wolf"

In the driver’s installed a new instrument panel, steering wheel and seat.

In the passenger seat module installed new

Command post vehicle P-145BMA on GAZ-233036

Special vehicle ruggedized Tiger-6a

Armored vehicle with enhanced mine-protected VPK-3924 "Medved"

Multipurpose vehicle VPK-233114 "Tiger-M"

More photos here

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