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"Volzhanin" — It is a large plant in the Volgograd region, producing urban, suburban and intercity buses. It is included in the same group of companies, along with the distribution center, design offices, leasing firms, the engineering and logistics.

The rise on falling

The company was established in December 1993, one of his tasks was the production of buses tourist class than in the past in the USSR and Russia is not doing nothing. And in 1995 came off the assembly line model of the first examples of "Volzhanin-5268."

In later years, in spite of a systemic crisis in the economy, the Volga plant is actively developed and released new buses. Particularly successful was the launch of production of a large city bus "Volzhanin-5270." Since 1995, the first of this series released by bus drove over a million miles away — in fact 25 times circled the Earth at the equator.

At the end of the 90 products of the company has been certified under the international quality system ISO 9001 — check out the entire assembly process. "Volzhanin" passed the test and received a certificate of T? V CERT for the development and production of buses.

In 2003, the factory has become a pioneer again: for the first time in Russia was created by a 15-meter long-distance liner on the chassis of Scania. And next year, the company produced a similar model with a low-slung specifically for the urban environment.

In 2006, a young Volga company entered the international market: At the show in Hanover, Germany, it has provided a low-floor "SITIRITM" with an aluminum body. After that, orders fell from Slovakia, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. The first car sold went to Dresden to work on the city route.

To strengthen its position in Russia, "Volzhanin" opened a representative office in St. Petersburg, a year later began operating a new production site in Baksan (Kabardino-Balkaria).

The new test

If fatal for the Russian industry 90s. "Volzhanin" paradoxically, was on the rise, the global crisis in 2008 has seriously shaken his position. According to CEO Alexei Bakulina plant was in a financial vacuum: loans are almost inaccessible, customers were not able to extinguish the debt in time for the supplied buses and the company, in turn, — to pay suppliers.

In 2009, "Volzhanin" was loaded with only 30%, the management had to introduce a four-day week, to reduce staff and cut salaries. Part of the production to the warehouse. The crisis has upstaged the implementation of projects such as the creation of middle-class buses, and electric bus for urban routes.

Rectify the situation was due to government programs. The first of these — this will update the bus fleet of the country. The second — the supply of specialized equipment for state agencies: the mobile offices and staffs mobile medical centers and blood transfusion station, buses to transport people with disabilities, sports teams, etc. In 2009, "Volzhanin" won the tender to supply 76 machines to the Health Ministry, the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense.

In addition, to reduce the cost of production plant refused to import parts from abroad. Required parts purchased now in Tatarstan and Belarus. Instead of the older Scania chassis coaches "Volzhanin-5285" were equipped with wheels own factory production. This has reduced the cost of the machines by almost 20%.

I play the "accordion"

But the most important achievement of years of crisis — on the ground were all leading specialists. And when, in 2010, returned large orders, and sales network grew to five major distribution centers and 12 partners, the plant set about creating urban articulated low-floor buses — it is a two carriages linked rubber "accordion".

In 2011, "Volzhanin" was released on 502 machines — twice more than 6 years ago. Among other things, the assembly line came off the buses of small class "Ritmiks", designed in conjunction with India’s Ashok Leyland. By the spring of 2012 was released more than 200 "Ritmiksov." These cars can be worthy competitors passenger "Gazelle", if not replace them. Besides the domestic market, "Ritmiksy" will be delivered to the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 2011, the company is present on the Ukrainian road transport market, not only with the finished product. In the town of Krasny Luch, Lugansk region volzhane together with its partners have created a production facility that produces urban, suburban and interurban car series "Delta".































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