Pies and Khachapuridze — tasty sourdough

— This is my favorite project, my dream! — Vladimir points to a picture of something, at the same time like a car, a helicopter and a light twin-engine aircraft …


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— The vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter. The speed and range of aircraft — 500 km / h and 2,000 km respectively. Comfort and accessibility of the car — 5 seats plus 300 kg of cargo. The machine will cost a decent SUV, about 100-150 thousand dollars. Eventually, with increasing scale, the price will be reduced. The cost of passenger-kilometers will be 5 rubles. In a taxi — 30. Now being assembled prototype 1:4. The assembly can not name — the secret. Working on the project a unique team. General designer Avtandil Khachapuridze at the time was developing a reusable space shuttle "Buran" in NGOs ‘Lightning’. I Pies, and he Khachapuridze. Cool! ..

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Technology Special Forces

Designer-returnee Vladimir Pies: "The country is recovering slowly"

  • Daniel Il’chenko

Once upon a time Vladimir Pies developed interiors for Citroen and Toyota. Annually more than 4 million cars, created with his participation. Five years ago, he left his apartment in Nice and returned home. Now he is engaged not only cars, but also helicopters, trucks and spaceships. On his business card reads: "The President of the center of the industrial design and innovation AstraRossa Design».


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Sneakers and sweat pants. Sleeves worn to holes hoodies rolled up. Fennec black pearl dangles on the right hand. Around the neck of jade Buddhist beads, Orthodox cross on his chest. Avtodizayner world-renowned Vladimir Pies rubs the sleep from his eyes, and his unshaven chin.

— Oh … — yawn — I have not woke up, do not pay attention. We’re waiting for the Italians. Half the night preparing for the meeting.

Vladimir strolls through the spacious hall of the two-story box, located on the territory of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISA). It is the headquarters and main office of "Astrarossa."

Adorn the walls stands presentations with projects Pyrozhkov. The first striking five pretty dumpy vans — a new line of KAMAZ. Then, more like an alien craft modular corvette-helicopter, the main party of coastal conflicts of the future — for the United Shipbuilding Corporation. Immediately design space manned transport spacecraft of new generation (PTK NP) for the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" and the interior multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62.

Having procured a cup of coffee, Vladimir talks about plans for the more pressing.

— On the basis of Magistrates MISA want to create a rapid prototyping lab objects of any complexity. Whether it’s a teaspoon, a sniper rifle or satellite. The so-called fablab — digital manufacturing machine tool based on the powerful. And next place trendlab with constantly updated library of materials and technologies from around the world — he sips from a cup, and continues: — Here we will bring up a kind of technological commandos fatherland — managers, engineers, qualified in all stages of the production chain: design, engineering, marketing , production. But if quality teaching methods and materials science engineering can provide MISA, over the modeling and design need to go. Italy — the world center of design in anyone! This ancient Rome with its architecture, it is by Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci, and now — legendary masters italo magic, as in the films of Fellini. Almost all of our great artists was the Italian period. I would like to have our technology and special forces was something like that.

One of the works of the Italian period Pyrozhkov — the best selling crossover in Russian Japanese Toyota RAV4. Its arched silhouette Vladimir saw in the spans with morning sun and the Coliseum.

Show them a big piece of iron

— Here are our friends. Hello! — Vladimir meets a delegation of business suits packed MISA vice-chancellors, girls and interpreter and two portly dark-skinned beauties — shiny black shoes, shiny black hair and dazzling white-collar workers. The two men — representatives of the European Institute of Design (IED, Milan), one of the six best design schools of the world. They arrived in Russia to consider the possibility of organizing joint application from Mrs. Masters.

— So what? A cup of coffee — and a heavy shop! — Proclaims Pies.

Italians are the endless corridors of the MISA open the doors to advanced laboratories.

— Be sure to show them a big piece of iron. They are in the IED of the present! — Whispers Pies head excursions, disheveled researcher in a jacket, sunglasses and jeans.

Before foreigners flashed a huge casting furnaces, process systems for forging, rolling, welding …

— Oh, this is beautiful! — Mumble Italians, passing each other titanium casting the future of aircraft engine parts. And listen carefully monotonous speech Russian professor.

In a clean white room lab "Inorganic Nanomaterials" descendants of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost. On all sides they were surrounded by monitors and powerful set of scanning electron and atomic force microscopes. Pointing to the most impressive device, they are asked to demonstrate its capabilities.

— The fact that … on the microscope cathode blown … — throws up his hands awkwardly chubby assistant in a white coat. Wants to say something else, but it is ahead of Pies, hastily inviting foreign colleagues to the next unit.

Italians deep into the nanoworld and content are returned directly back to the negotiating table.

— Now they are traded. Their interest — so that more Russian students were traveling to Italy to study and pay them a money. Our — a diploma IED and that as many Italian teachers were coming here — explains the essence of the conversation I Vodyanik Andrew, one of the leaders of the "Astrarossa", engineer-designer of Togliatti and Pyrozhkov friend from school.

We sit on the sidelines and observe the negotiations. After hearing a presentation about the program Pyrozhkov education process special forces, the Italians and the bosses MISA discuss the nuances of the joint training program. Andrew commented:

— And now they boast. Like, they Fiat, they Ferrari, they have a super-duper-design. Packed price.

— But we can do good tanks — calmly responds chief negotiator Dmitry Livanov (then he was rector of MISA, and now the Minister of Education and Science). All laugh at a joke, but the author.

— Recently the government has become more attentive to the development of the industry — continues to Andrew Vodyanik. — It requires specialists who are able to organize production. That is our future graduates.

— They are prepared to consult, exchange programs and professors — Andrew brings up the meeting.

The leaders’ Astrarossa "quick step out of the office. Pies almost priprygivaet on the move with enthusiasm:

— Arrived two business sausages: "We know how to do the design, oh-oh-oh …" And we give them — to the n-casting furnace and atomic force microscope! They BAMS jaw … You saw saw?

— Now is recovering in Skolkovo — Pies motor starts its "Mini Cooper". — There will come to power
engineers, middle managers heap of companies that emerged after the collapse of the RAO UES. In Skolkovo I lecture on innovation. Not everyone understands what it really means.

Excellent practice

We had tea in the cafe of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo". Around colored walls, sleek furniture, mirrored floors. At the next table noise multicultural company of students with all types of cuts eyes and skin colors. Talking in English and cut a board game like "Monopoly".

— And that’s how I was in my first year of Sverdlovsk Architectural, — Vladimir Pies show photos on the laptop monitor. Long hair falls over the gate white coat, sneakers with Velcro and jeans. — Yes, but … we Hipovali is hard! We’ve learned Butusov, half of the "Agatha Christie". Eighties, "We are waiting for change!" Was cool.

I asked how Vladimir went to the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture.

— My father, a graduate of Bauman in "tracked vehicles", first made transport for trips to Europe — the T-72 — from afar starts Pies. — And then he was sent to build a Volga car. My childhood in Togliatti. My mother taught arts and crafts, the house always had a lot of colored pencils, compasses and drawing instruments. All Togliatti boys then raved cars. I was no exception. Their sculpted from clay, painted on the desk and in the album. Family friend Mark V. Demidovtsev, chief designer of AvtoVAZ those times, spotted my paintings. It was he who advised to enroll in AIS.

Pies switches photo. Long hair disappear attire — camouflage backpack behind signalman in the hands of "Kalashnikov" ready. He sneaks into the backwoods.

— That’s me in the army. Out from the second year exclusively on the personal initiative. I’ve seen guys who have completed and received by the institution. They were so advanced, all the girls they were hung around his neck!

Cakes served in the German Democratic Republic in the Royal Engineers. From military drill was quickly released — as an artist. The time was boring, top officers entertained hunting — palil on gazelles from Tula rifles that although qualitative, but poor enough to look at. At the request of the officers Pies began to alter their design under foreign sports models. Supplied monograms, covered with lacquer, and then rifle darilas to some desired general.

— With the army I have linked another story. In a military town there were about five thousand men and no women! One day I came across a magazine Playboy, and I decided to draw a naked girl — it is necessary to understand how it works. By that time I did not know. Besides excellent practice if you know how to draw nudity, you can draw it! What emerged, caught the eye of a friend Dembele. "Hey, man — he turned to me — here’s a snapshot of my girlfriend. To do to her face, and leave everything else as is. " I quickly sketched the picture. I do portraits still get the hand in Yalta, where freshman went to practice and earn money — to draw tourists. In the barracks drawing created a furor. Very soon, I was bombarded with photo wives and girlfriends. And I realized that I need to monetize this thing … I returned home a rich man. Parents bought a bunch of clothes, washing machine …

— Volodya, five minutes before the start — interrupts Andrew Vodyanik.

— Oops, gotta go.

Great Integrator

Pies switch slides on a large screen in the auditorium. He listens to a young management major Russian energy companies. Five — ten years, these people will be responsible for the electrification of the country. In Skolkovo, they are a corporate training on "the development of key competencies and functional knowledge of managers."

Lecturer talks about his past and the western Russian present, draws parallels, shares his experiences, gives advice. The screen flashed silhouettes of well-known foreign brands, then the latest development of the domestic automobile and aircraft industry.

— And we are developing a very exclusive and expensive exhibition stands for major companies. Here, for example, stand Savings at an economic forum in St. Petersburg in 2008 — Pies stops on a slide with a picture of the bus stop exquisite designs painted in corporate colors sberbankovskie.

In the field of communications was realized with a massive shift of fixed telephony to mobile devices, we have found an important degree of freedom. The same should happen with the movement of man in space

— This is a self-contained energy complex — says Vladimir. — On the roof-mounted solar panels, which feed the ATM, wi-fi antenna, chemical toilet and a socket for charging scooters. It’s like a version of a public transportation stop for Sochi 2014.

Vladimir gradually gets to the essence of his speech.

— Upgrade — this complication is an object over time with a slight increase in its efficiency. The transition from a thimble to the sewing machine — a huge increase in efficiency! Then the sewing machine will be modernized electricity fail, it will be safer and more productive. But at some point prisobachat radio, TV, internet access and a heated seat — completely unnecessary in terms of the effectiveness of sewing. Although it is time to use the technology of manufacturing of individual clothing — when the body is scanned, and the 3D-printer, who knows every nuance of the figure prints well, very comfortable dress!

— The thing is — sums up the Pies — to be able to track the control parameter — the optimal complexity of the object, after which it disappears sense to upgrade. And move to a higher level of technology. So now let’s think about the future of energy. On autonomous power systems on the network power, about the mini-reactors … Let’s see what comes after a thimble.

A similar appeal to the same podium two weeks later Pies turns to the future management of aviation companies in the country. As energy managers aviators gathered in Skolkovo improve their professional competence and expand horizons. One appeals Pies is not limited.

— This is my favorite project, my dream! — Vladimir points to a picture of something, at the same time like a car, a helicopter and a light twin-engine aircraft. Explains: — In the field of communications was realized with a massive shift of fixed telephony to mobile devices, we have found an important degree of freedom. The same thing will happen, and the movement of people in the space. But as long as we are attached to the wire-roads. This facility will solve long-standing problem.

Vladimir glides a laser pointer on a streamlined fuselage and engine nacelles unprecedented aircraft, comments on his performance.

— The vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter. The speed and range of aircraft — 500 km / h and 2,000 km respectively. Comfort and accessibility of the car — 5 seats plus 300 kg of cargo. The machine will cost a decent SUV, about 100-150 thousand dollars. Eventually, with increasing scale, the price will be reduced. The cost of passenger-kilometers will be 5 rubles. In a taxi — 30. Now being assembled prototype 1:4. The assembly can not name — the secret. Working on the project a unique team. General designer Avtandil Khachapuridze at the time was developing a reusable space shuttle "Buran" in NGOs ‘Lightning’. I Pies, and he Khachapuridze. Cool!

— You are a car designer. Who has advised you to do aviation? — This question hits a nerve lecturer.

— Do you think that now develop some superferrari — this is progress? Nothing of the sort! This Ferrari is now in the pitch traffic on Tverskaya Street, sits behind the wheel of a blonde who needs to get to the nail salon on the other side of the street, it presses on the gas and space complexity of the engine makes a plaintive "vzhiu-vzhiu." That’s all progress. But Ponte N
emer! We have no other choice but from a flat 2D-dimensional space of movement to move into a three — 3D. This is the inevitable future!

Lecturer prophesies the transition of mass transport in the third dimension will not be easy.

— But in the early XX century the world was even less prepared for the transition from horse-drawn transport to the car — like cakes. — There were no paved roads, no traffic lights, no traffic, no gas stations. However, all these problems have been resolved in a short time.

And while the Pies answer endless questions, we will deal with in the gallery Andrei Vodyanik.

— Andrew, and not a bit too much for one person project? Technological special forces, aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft, stands, this is the 3D-transport. How Pies manages to keep up everywhere?

— In fact, more projects. Here are just a few days ago, we were approached with an offer ZIL to produce a new car. Do you think it will Volodya draw and design? Of course not! He just knows who to call. In its terminal base addresses of the best designers and engineers from around the world. It is worth it to make sure that the offer from the ZIL is not "blah blah blah", which for him are real plans and the money, he will throw a cry, and will meet the team that will perform the work at the highest level. Our main task — to organize the process and integrate it into professionals.

Two tons of plasticine

For wide windows cozy bar Noor is a cold rain, Tverskaya Street is unrestrained in a traffic jam. On the monitor, laptop Pyrozhkov smiling and solar photovoltaic, and next on the table with a glass of cocktail and a colorful umbrella.

— Look, here I am Serge Sagittarius. Here we have an apprentice in the studio of Luigi Colani in Bern. There he is, with a mustache, sitting on the edge, — Vladimir reminiscing. — In the fourth year we caught a number of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" with an article about megadizaynere Luigi Colani. He was standing on a snow-white background luxury car — the new model Chevrolet Corvette. "That’s Design! And here we soared above the bulldozers "- reflect on us. Then the idea to invite himself to Colani for an internship. Composed a letter about this: "We — two students from the Urals. We would like to share with you our unique ideas. " Sent, even without putting it in an envelope their work. And then comes the answer: "Sergei and Vladimir, I invite you to two months for an internship. All costs are taking over. Luigi Colani. " Point.

Half a year has gone by winding the offices, the collection of documents and clearance of diplomatic passports. From Sverdlovsk to its defense plant in those days was not particularly travel. But Sergei and Vladimir got it, the institution even paid tickets. With five dollars in his pocket, almost without knowing the language, they went down the ladder to Zurich.

— Luigi Colani for a long time could not understand about his invitation he had forgotten long ago. Is on the threshold and severely asks us: "Who are you?" — "We are the same Russian that you invite." — "I know nothing. Get out of here! "We turned the audacity and tenacity," We will not go away from here! "" Good. Here’s a rag. Go wash your car "- finally surrendered Colani. We are in the head and then could not come, that very soon we will connect to real projects.

In the two years that spanned the two-month internship, Pies drew a lot of different things: perfume bottles Yves Saint Laurent, shoes Adidas, soccer balls Molten, firearms Browning, keyboard for the company Olivetti.

— Once Colani calls us to himself and says, "Guys, if you do not want life to be journeymen, you need to learn. Here’s the address of the European branch of one of the best design schools in the world — Art Center College of Design. Go to Lake Geneva, look around. " Arrived. Indeed, all very cool. "What is needed for admission?" — We asked the selection committee. "120 thousand dollars for a two-year course," — said to us. We certainly depressed. "Then you have only one chance — said the administrator. — To participate in the contest for the best sketch of a city car. The prize for first place — free education, for the second — we mow down half the price for the third — quarter. The contest has already started, you have only a week. "

Pies came in second place, Sagittarius — the fourth. Sergei upset for long. He moved to London and now heads the design department of Samsung Communication Systems.

— Waiter! — Raises his hand Pies. — Repeat, please!

Potsezhivaya new portion of the tube cocktail Vladimir continues:

— The second half of the tuition fees have forgiven me, know that I have a diploma of the Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture, which members of the selection committee heard for the first time, but my words have decided that this is some unrealistic mighty Soviet school of design. But this raises a new problem: to live on during the training? Switzerland — doroguschy country!

In the school Pirozhkov advised: "You won a major design competition — look for sponsors." And he did so. The first to respond Porsche and Citroen.

— And here I sit in the main office, "Citroen" under the gaze of chief designer Arthur Blakeslee. He fiddles with the folder with my portfolio and says, "I know of one Pyrozhkov, tanks he did in the 60s. Not your cousin? "" Well, actually, my dad developed the T-72 ", — I answered. At Blakeslee eyes popped climbed. It turns out, at one time, he worked as a designer of armored vehicles to "Chrysler". And just designed the M-60 — American response to our T-72. Small world! "Test! — On emotion continues Blakeslee. — Here’s a six modellers, two tons of clay and equipped garage in Toulouse. The task — to make a restyled interior Xantia-X2. You never know, what if you can do it! "

Xantia-X2 was sitroenovskoy best seller, best-selling car in France at the time. Every 4-5 years, just like any other model, she had been restyled. But all of the major designers "Citroen" at that time were busy with other projects.

— I come to Toulouse. I met six modellers and French: the age of sixty, two large glasses of wine with dinner for them in the order of the norm. "Guys! — Naively I appeal to them. — You and me, we need to make a supercar! "And they answer me like, ‘Who are you, that we specify? You’re not even a student yet. " I understand that it is necessary to change the tone, "So, let’s take a different structure our history. You experienced guys. You know about this car well, just everything. I mean she did not know anything. But I’m drawing cool. First, I will draw all of you gorgeous naked mademoiselle. " The men came to life: "Oh, the topic! We have it! "-" Second, if because of your experience and we will do the drawings of my Xantia-X2, which will be better Xantia-X1, then your beloved France awaits the glory and honor. And I’ll get a scholarship from the company. And when, after studying, I will work to "Citroen", giving the tooth — the best projects will remain with you. "

A month later, with Vladimir modeler rolled out a new car out of the garage. Leaders gave the go-ahead, and it started production.

Pies pulls out an umbrella and a glass in one gulp drinks up the remains of a cocktail. Then, peering intently at avtotrafik outside.

— Get out the way, Citroen C5 wagon rides. It replaced the Xantia. Interior we have developed by the same team, when, after studying, I went to work in the company. But passing Citroen C3. Before him, "Citroen" were angular, napilnikoobraznymi. We have made the first "bubble." Since vesicular-streamlined shapes predominate.

Pyrozhkov life changed dramatically in the la
te 90’s. His boss Arthur Blakeslee retired, it became boring. At the same time in the design world was a rumor that "Toyota" plans to open a European office in Nice. Global company, spending a billion dollars a year to design. Capture the leadership of "Toyota" Pirozhkov managed interior design machines for the president of France — Citroen C6 Lignage, which was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999.

— "And what’s the tree?" — I asked the representative of the "Toyota" on the show. The fact is that the middle of the salon I dropped a miniature Japanese bonsai tree — a special computer it backlit, watered and injected fertilizer. "Why, — I answered. — Vehicle — Iron robot. And here — pointing to a tree — here his soul. "

Japanese hooked. In 2000 he became a senior designer Pies European design center "Toyota". And off we go:

— Yaris, Auris, Corolla, Avensis, Prius, RAV4, IQ … — lists Pies cars with interiors looking eyes looking out the window. — You see, there Auris parked. A couple of cars on the right — Prius. And over white little miniature cars — it aykyushechka on Tverskaya taxis.


— Oh, you really designed IQ? Oh, how wonderful! — Almost claps girl in a pink blouse with bright makeup and big round earrings.

In the classroom of the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after Stroganov gathered students of the fifth year the department "Environmental Design". Rather, students: about thirty girls and a single guy. Guys, according to classmates, "appear in the university during the week or the student’s session." The rest of "our boys prefer to work in a design company."

— You guys, let’s way — with the audience meets Vladimir Pies — we do not work for the glamorous residents Rublevki, and severe men: engineers, astronauts and military. I would have asked to be very disciplined. Who does not come to the next meeting, he withdraws from the project forever.

The girls nod in agreement.

— In the engineering space circles are now a lot of talk about an expedition to Mars — explained to me the meaning of what is happening Vladimir another entrance to the Art Institute. — No country alone does not pull such a project. Rather, efforts will join the United States, Russia and China. And when negotiations begin, I would like to put on the table our project. Together with the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" we run into Stroganovka the department "Environmental Design" program "Mission Mars". The task of the girls — to come up with the interior of the interplanetary spacecraft. Thanks to the brain is not clouded and fresh perspective they can give a completely unexpected product.

Meeting with students continues.

— So, you need interior … — Pies walks up and down with a laser pointer in hand, watching him wide open with astonishment three dozen pretty girls. — Interior of a small enclosed space with an aggressive environment, which will be six months to a year to live on six people of both sexes. I am interested in everything: they are sleeping, eating, going to the toilet, communicate, have fun, love one another. Forget about high ceilings: every extra kilogram, raised in space, is a fabulous money. Forget trendy form surfaces. I do not need another salon "Lamborghini", it will become obsolete in a few years. I need to, as they say, timeless — timeless. Use the enduring forms, pyramid, cube, sphere. This space, girls, there are other laws, including the fashion …

The audience listens obediently. Pies goes to philosophical questions:

— And the main question: Why we’re going there? It does not matter to Mars or Venus. Maybe we’re going for new forms of energy, resources, intelligence, life … Perhaps, on the contrary, to make sure there’s nothing there, and the planet Earth — our only refuge, and therefore should not be here so hard shit … Have your own version . Think not about how to obtain from parents for regular shoes and lipstick …

— What do you immediately us so! — Outraged woman in a long dress.

— I was just doing this and — giggle from the back rows.

— I know, I know, this is the actual problem — Pies nods. — And still ponder the more amazing things. I do not want to limit the flight of your imagination and go into the technical details.

Soon the maiden flight of fancy yet Valery Parfenov limit of RSC "Energia". He will talk about the possibilities of modern carrier rockets in orbit modules are not heavier than 20 tons and the size of no more than 18 meters in length and 4.5 meters in width. Listening Parfenova, the girls finally find themselves pioneers, because no one in particular did not care before the interior of the spacecraft. "In" Apollo 11, "which sat on the moon, in general there was no interior: frames and bolts sticking out for all to see — will open their secret Valery. — In our "union" we sewed up the wall orbital module special fabric "Hercules" green color that somehow astronaut eyes rested. "

After the lecture, the teaching staff of the Department "Environmental Design" treats Pyrozhkov tea.

— From what you heaven descended to us? — Glad someone.

— Like a breath of fresh air! We are so tired of the "pre-revolutionary" projects — complaining about the other.

— Let’s work together — offers cakes. — The "Astrarossa" standing orders on the exhibition stands of large companies. Hands is not enough. We need talented guys, we are willing to pay adequate money …

Leave the Academy Vladimir hurry. He walks up and down the long corridors, peering into the walls hung canvases.

— Look, what a beauty! — He points to pictures of nudes, made in the 48-49th years. — I wanted to go to Art Institute. Even came to apply. But when I saw it, very frightened: where do I … As a result, he entered the Sverdlovsk Architectural. Although there are also able to draw. Taught like that.

"How do we envy you!"

Rain outside the window was long over, drunk coffee, buns eaten, the waiter brought the bill. A story Pyrozhkov continues. In February 2007 he went to Japan for the defense of the project Toyota Yaris. It was night, and he slept peacefully in a cozy hotel room in Tokyo on the 36th floor.

Suddenly the phone rings: "Hello, you are concerned about the reception of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation German Gref. We invite you to a meeting on the development of industrial design in Russia, which will take place in two days. " "I am only able to come within a week," — replied automatically designer, who has not yet had time to wake up to the end. "Then we will move the meeting to the ministry on March 2," — said on the other end.

— In the morning, I thought I dreamed it all. A 2 March, I was sitting in the Economics Ministry — says Pies. — I did not talk about industrial design, and Gref suggested to visit Toyota’s Design Centre in Nice — they say that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. In the middle of the month the company of two dozen ministers and governors raided the office. I have prepared a powerful presentation, it was possible to visit closed to outsiders lab and design studio. "But in Russia is that possible?" — Asked me Gref already on the way to the airport. "And why not? — I thought. — Large market economy multiotraslevaya … Especially enlisting such support. " So I decided to try it. We continued the conversation in Moscow.

After learning about caring Pyrozhkov, guide "Toyota", to put it mildly upset. This is understandable: he headed the advance design — secret unit, where plans for the future of the corporation ten — twenty years.

— Since 2007 I started a
completely new life — recognized Pies. — I’m back. There was "Astrarossa" — a small but very evil company. As a team we just ten people, several of the same returnees, as I do. Our debut — the development of the visual style of painting and SuperJet 100 aircraft company "Sukhoi". Very grateful to Mikhail Pogosyan for the opportunity to work in a team and on such a project!

Then there was a lot of that. In just a couple months backlog exceeded $ 10 million. Along the way, there was a process of acclimatization to the Russian reality unfortunate quarrel with a partner, some "financial problems" from a number of companies in very large amounts.

— And when I came back full of hope and with the slogan: "Faster! Higher! Stronger! "Now changed the slogan:" Do not trust, do not be afraid, do not ask "and" Do what you must, come what may ". I try not to idealize the situation. But the country is slowly recovering — that’s a fact. Appears more and more people trying to do something constructive, not stupidly chopped for the loot. And another thing: for all the problems of Russia here, right now may be the most incredible and embody the ideas that later will conquer the world. In the West, it may be harder. It’s all business processes debugged, you work a cog in a well-greased, with an innovative mechanism. This constrains. And in Russia, even the mechanism really is not. He is in the making. What we make it, so it will be. The sheer scope for creativity. So when I tell our Western colleagues about what I do at home, they have the roof goes. "How do we envy you!" — They tell me.

 Vladimir Pies

Born in Chisinau in 1968. He graduated from the Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture in "traffic design", studied in Switzerland at Art Center College of Design. From 1996 to 2000 — Interior Designer in the company Citroen: worked on the most popular models, including the C3, C3 Pluriel, C4 Coupe, C5, C6. He taught at the Graduate School of Design ESD in France. In the period 2000-2007 — a senior designer in the European design center in Nice Toyota, participated in the creation of models of IQ, Yaris, Auris, Corolla, Avensis, Prius, led the development of concept models MTRC, UUV, Celica, RAV4, Lexus SLC. In 2007, he returned to Russia. Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

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