Pig Farm for 480 thousand heads discovered in the district of the Pskov region Nevel

June 1 Nevel district of Pskov region was the opening of the first stage of the pig-breeding complex for 480,000 pigs a year. Currently built 2 otkormochnika and 1 speaker. Grandparents pigs (1.5 thousand head) imported from Denmark. Advise the whole process specialists from France.

Overall, 12 sites are under construction pig, 6 of which will be built in the direction of Nevel — Usvyaty another 6 — at the Kiev highway. One area involves the content of 26,500 pigs at a time. In the middle of next year, it is assumed that the waitstaff pig-breeding complex is 2000 people.

Biothody pig farm is expected to make an area of the institution. In general, the complex can provide 75,000 hectares of the Pskov region. An important step will be put into operation in September 2011, the plant feed.

The company continues the employment of farmers and mechanics. Most of the employees of the new company — the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. To work their bus delivers the farm. Since January, the enterprise will be able to provide housing for everyone to take a job. Dormitory for employees pig farm near Nevel will be completed in January 2012.

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