Pig Production in Khakassia rises to a new level

In the Republic of Khakassia more than 200 farms of mixed type containing the number of pigs three farms can be attributed to the mean — KFH Topoev Beysky district — 765 head, KFH Haustov Beysky district — 753 head and the SEC "Union" Ust-Abaknsky district — 380 head.

An example of the active development of the pig industry in Khakassia — is a farm of Ust-Abakan District KFH Sarajevo is considered the largest in the country. At present, the number of pigs has reached 1,477 goals. According to experts of Ministry of Agriculture, pig-breeding farm is rightly considered the most promising in the development of pig production on an industrial scale with modern technology for pigs and pork production.

"On the farm implement new technologies, and are used in the feeding of protein and vitamin and mineral supplements are purchased new meat breeds, improving the safety of young", — said Igor Barnes.

Provided that 2003 entrepreneur started his business with 10 pigs and literally rebuilt from scratch building a pigsty — otkormochnika today Farm provides a high level of the republic of meat. After renovation and installation of new equipment successfully operating for the second stage of the farm. Before the end of this year and the third will be put on livestock premises 1800 heads. In the future, the number of livestock is to reach 5,000 pigs. Farmer notes that a good tool for development in the current year has received a grant program to support family farms Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

Achieve the strip breeders are planning in the coming years. Especially in the framework of the program of development of the agribusiness sector Khakassia may receive compensation for interest rates on loans. Also provided subsidies for the purchase of breeding animals — in 2013 — it is 70 rubles per kg. liveweight.

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