Pilot plant produces fish mounted scientists Tyumen

In these baths — trout fry and peled. Grow very quickly — within 4 months of the fish put in the shops and restaurants in the city of Tyumen. In the diet — an artificial granulation feed.  Pilot plant scientists Agricultural University Research Institute "of the North Trans-Ural" assembled in the basement of the dormitory. Here they hold lectures: how can literally fifty square meters of a promising business. If used in commercial hatcheries treated water from wells or rivers, this is taken directly from the municipal tap. Bleach — as it turned out, not a hindrance. She quickly disappeared. Water from the bath will not merge, and circulated through the filters. The idea of growing fish seed and commercial fish plants in closed-backed Committee on Innovation of the Tyumen region.

Experiments have shown that in such compact units, and their work is not dependent on the vagaries of the weather, grows well as lake and river fish, and valuable species — sturgeon, whitefish, sturgeon.

In the Tyumen region of similar systems used for industrial fish farming, has not happened. In fact, these small farms can be mounted in any town, and even in any dwelling house, and always be with its fresh fish. Video 

And another very important event for the reproduction of fish resources of the Ob-Irtysh basin — nachinantsya construction of a hatchery in Kharp.

Designing hatchery in Kharp completed. This was at a meeting of the Fisheries Council of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District Deputy Director of the "Yamal" Mikhail Bykov. According to him, the project documentation is in the running state examination of project documentation YaNAO eliminated last remarks of experts.
"We expect to exit the positive conclusion of the state examination at the end of June, — said Mikhail Bykov. — In late May, held a public auction and identified an organization that will build the plant, it is "Sibinveststroy." Who ends up negotiating the terms of the contract, the construction schedule of the plant. By the twentieth June conclude the Agreement. Exit to the site is planned for the beginning of July. " The company will be located on the river Sob mountain river, famous for its clean water.
"The plant will be put into operation by the end of 2014. In autumn 2015 put eggs for incubation, and in the summer 2016 release of the first fry in Ob "- named deadlines head of the department of environmental studies and raw Gosrybtsentr from Tyumen Andrew Matkovskiy.

Another project, in terms of implementation, it is the closest.In the village of Sumburgh (Pur district) is building a complex for commercial cultivation of whitefish— 100 tonnes of whitefish a year. The planned launch — the end of 2013. By the way, the plans for the construction of farm commodity production of sturgeon and trout to 10 tons a year, it will be located in Salekhard.


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