Pilot simulator

Comprehensive pilot simulator "Sukhoi Superjet-100" was launched in Air Staff Training Center (TCCS) in Zhukovsky near Moscow. According to the president of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan, "this will be the first Russian full crew training center organized by the aircraft manufacturer and equipped with a complete set of learning tools."

Photo source:arms-tass.su

Comprehensive flight simulator simulates normal, complex and emergency flight conditions in real time at all stages of the job in all weather conditions and at any time of day.

The simulator allows pilots to practice action in difficult and emergency situations that almost never occur in flights as normal. The simulator belongs to the latest generation of simulators, "REALITY-7» (Reality-7) and has a system of electro-mobility, advanced visualization system and an instructor workstation with improved ergonomics.

"Sukhoi Superjet-100" — 100 seat regional jet designed, developed and produced by the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" with the participation of "Alenia Aeronautica» (Alenia Aeronautica). Flight range for the basic version — 3048 km, the version with extended range — 4578 km.

The first production "Superjet-100" was put Armenian "Armavia" April 19, 2011 At present, four aircraft operated by airline "Armavia" and "Aeroflot". At the beginning of October 2011 the first production "Superjet" held in the air one thousand flight hours on commercial flights. There are now 168 orders for the aircraft.

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