PJSC AVTOKRAZ steadily increasing production volumes.

PJSC "KrAZ" — the only Ukrainian producer of heavy trucks, in a protracted financial and economic crisis, it is possible to move forward confidently.

Showing dynamic growth. In August, the growth rate of marketable products of the previous month was 107.3%. And the results are indicative of the car factory for 8 months of 2013, compared to the same period last year. The growth rate of production of spare parts for the reporting period amounted to 130%, parts and components for bundling and co-operation — 228%, production of castings increased by 126%.

 As for the results of PJSC "KrAZ" in August of this year, the company has managed not only to maintain production in July, but 5% of the increment. Last month, the Kremenchug Automobile Plant manufactured 105 units of vehicles including car kits. It is not only the best production since early this year, but also the most productive month compared to the same months in the last 5 years (August 2009 — 18 units., 2010 — 73 pcs., 2011 — 18 units., 2012 — 101 u).

In general release car chassis share was 82%, special-purpose vehicles — 17%, the rest — tractors, trucks and buses. Given the export orientation of PJSC "KrAZ", the work of enterprises, mainly focused on the implementation of international contracts.

The positive dynamics of growth in manufacturing is connected, first of all, to the disclosure of contracts, the execution of which has been shifted from the first quarter to the second half of the year due to force majeure circumstances arising from the customers. The results of two months of PJSC "KrAZ" are entitled to believe that the third quarter will be much more successful than the previous two in the production activity of the enterprise.

Very important result of the automobile in August was the production and presentation of the general public the last two promising innovations. They were zernovozny truck KrAZ-6511S4 "Caravan" (Euro 4) with high ergonomic performance of the driver, increased to 75 cubic meters of cargo and low fuel consumption. As well as a new eco-car chassis KrAZ-5401K2 with a highly efficient gas engine emission class Euro 5 for the installation of various types of utility add-ons. At first chassis with a gas engine mounted vacuum sweeper utilities and cleaning equipment.

Currently both cars ready for shipment on performance tests: KrAZ-grain "Caravan" — a large grain corporations Ukraine Cleaners KrAZ-5401K2 — in the utilities of the city and the region.

Among other things, PJSC "KrAZ" in August, continued efforts to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency.

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