PJSC KrAZ continues to introduce energy-saving technologies

As part of the introduction to the production of modern energy-saving technologies in the steel shop PJSC "KrAZ" put into operation new highly efficient compressors DVK-60 and DVK-220 manufactured by DALGAKIPRAN (Turkey), worth more than half a million hryvnia.

The company "DALGAKIRAN" — International engineering holding company, which manufactures industrial and power equipment.

Performance of the compressor equipment: DVK-60 — 8.5 m3/min, DVK-220 — 28.2 m3/min.

Commissioning of screw compressors DVK-60 and DVK-220, instead of compressed air from the turbocharger will provide additional power without three-shift work steel plant and reduce the cost of products manufactured by this subdivision. In general, the optimization of the compressed-air steel plant would save PJSC "KrAZ" up to 3 million kWh / year (almost five times lower power consumption of production)

The compressor equipment DVK-60/DVK-220 fully automated, easy to manage and maintain. Its estimated payback of 2.2 months.

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