Placed under tension 220 kV Peace — Lensk — NPC number 12 in Yakutia

OAO "Far Eastern Energy Management Company" has called voltage of 220 kV "Peaceful — Lensk — NPC number 12" in the West power Yakutia. The total length of sections of the new transmission line is 295 km.

Mains power facility was built as part of the investment project of "DVEUK" — "Construction of 220 kV" Chernyshevsky — Mirny — Lensk — Peleduy, with a branch line to the NPC number 14, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). "

"Previously, in August this year, has been placed under the operating voltage of the first circuit transmission line" Chernyshevsky — Peace ", which has increased the capacity of land more than twice — the director of the Directorate for construction of power in the territory of Yakutia" DVEUK "Anatoly Maximov. — Construction of new sites will allow for a week to put under voltage substation 220/10 kV power supply for the pump station number 12 of the ESPO pipeline. "

At the same time, work is underway on the construction 220/110/6 kV "City" (126 MVA) in Lenski, double-circuit 220 kV "NPS number 12 — NPS number 13" (168 km), the second circuit 220 kV "Olekminsk — NPC number 14 "(45 km), including aerial crossings of the river Lena and Olekma (2.3 km).

Recall that by the end of 2012 is scheduled to enter the second stage of the pipeline system "Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean". JSC "DVEUK" implementing network infrastructure construction projects West power Yakutia, in 2011 provided the power supply NPS number 13, in 2010 — NPC number 14 and Olekminsk, which put in reserve diesel generation, annually consumes 10 tons of diesel fuel.

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