Placed under the operating voltage of 500 kV Zhigulevskaya GES —


MES Volga set to the operating voltage of 500 kV transmission line Zhigulevskaya GES — Kuibyshev. The line length of over 103 km provides power for the Samara region, and is also involved in the scheme of capacity Zhigulevskaya HPP. The work carried out within the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of key energy facility in the region — 500 kV Kuibyshev.

During the preparatory phase to the production of a working voltage power lines have been completed for the reconstruction of the cell and replant 500 kV HPP Zhigulevskaya — Kuibyshev on new equipment reconstructed substation. Completed installation of primary and secondary equipment units to be tested it successfully operating voltage and put to work.

Complex reconstruction of the 500 kV substation Kuibyshev began in 2008 and is not limited to electricity consumers. Currently, the 500 kV substation Kuibyshev remodel outdoor switchgear 500 kV and 220 kV, works on installation of cable connections for auto-transformers. Already a reconstruction of accessory buildings and structures — pumping station fire, the camera switching valves, an additional control panel. Complete the modernization of the substation is scheduled for late 2013.

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