Plakart produces trademark SPRAMET


Company Plakart officially launches the system of comprehensive protection against corrosion SPRAMET. The system consists of a sacrificial metal matrix as well as additional impregnation and finishing layers providing additional functionality.

Within the SPRAMET CJSC "Plakart" offers four different groups of coatings:

Spramet-Antikor, designed solely to protect against corrosion,
Thermo-Spramet, combines protection against corrosion with flame-retardant or fire resistant qualities
Spramet-nonslipping — Non-slip coatings for stairways and ramps with anti-corrosion properties,
Spramet nano- — Nanostructured coating sacrificial corrosion protection.

CJSC "Plakart" SPRAMET system brought to the market after several years of testing in the laboratory and in field conditions.

The company even before the official registration of the trademark performed some work on technologies SPRAMET. It is particularly worth noting:

bridge "Picturesque" in Moscow,
exhaust shaft GPA of OAO "Gazprom"
cable-stayed bridges in Omsk and Adler,
sewage treatment plant water treatment plant in St. Petersburg.

"Protection system SPRAMET have significant advantages over other methods of protection as the price, terms of use, and speed of work, — The director of the direction "SPRAMET" in JSC "Plakart" Sergei K. Pometun. — Our technology is applicable to oil and gas, nuclear power, shipbuilding, construction and other industries. To date, we have the capability to perform a wide range of orders from small household water tanks to the oil storage tanks, bridges, or sports facilities. SPRAMET currently undergoing certification in the systems of government, industry and corporate standards. This gives us a right to expect fold increase in the use of these technologies in the market. Our company is open to cooperation, and we will be happy to help you choose the system of protection for your objects. "


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