Plane with a human face

Release of the city is Russia’s new cartoon "From the screw!". It is believed to critics, our answer to Hollywood’s "Cars", and even the film’s tagline "From the Screw" — "And our cars are flying!"

So, to replace the familiar heroes of domestic cartoons — zveryata came appliances, namely, aircraft, and the Su-27.


It seems that the correct choice, because of piloting skill of our pilots have always been on top, and we have every right to be proud of them. Heard the opinion that the cartoon was made for the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force, which is celebrated on 12 August. So without the element of patriotism has not done, and therefore, a decent budget of $ 3.5 million is justified.

The plot is simple: the main character — a young fighter Knight wants to become a champion airshow. And he insists on learning the skill of the experienced aircraft. Not without love interest (feelings to your beloved plane Lightning), as well as competition and deceit on the part of the villain of the Thunder. There is a cartoon useful sermons that have to be true to its purpose, respect your elders, do not throw your friends.
In the film, a lot of tricks that are exciting to look in 3D. Pleasing voices of famous actors (Valentin Gaft, Andrew Merzlikin Anfisa Chekhov) and the final happy ending.





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