Plans for the next five tandem and the future of the Russian Federation

A decision on the 3rd term of Vladimir Fishing season and the prime minister's office, Dmitry Medvedev. In addition, at the pre-election congress of "United Russia" in the "Luzhniki" was made several important statements that relate to future RF.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has made several statements on the forum, which are important for Russia and its people. First, Putin said that in 5-10 years, Russian Federation should one hundred percent to rearm the army and navy. Taking into account the situation in the world that resembles the action before World War II, this task becomes a priority because it concerns the survival of.

Speaking of gross domestic product (GDP), the prime minister put the puzzle increment rate of economic growth in the State to 6-7% per year and the five-year plan to enter Russia in five of the most powerful economies in the world. In connection with these plans, Putin, and it gave the promise that the new laws that affect the interests of business, will open a discussion with Russian businessmen.

Vladimir Putin said that over the next 5 years to reach our homeland food security on the main types of food.

Made several promises in the social sphere: write-off of tax debt with the wrong people in the amount of 30 billion rubles decrease mortgage rates in the coming years to 6.5-7%, the establishment of social norms of consumption of public resources over which the rates will be higher — this should encourage people of thrift and the introduction of new technologies; said that taxes on the rich should be higher than others. Ground question — vacant land, which are federally accessories, pass under a cooperative development for all state employees, without exception: for teachers, university educators, cultural workers and social services, doctors.

Some conclusions

This stagnation of clean water, segodnyaschy political "elite" has been unable to put forward any latest landmark figure, because previously chosen course to consolidate the neo-colonial status under the sign of the energy of the "great powers" to continue.

Before Vladimir Putin will face several important challenges, and fluctuations in the fact that he is president, there is little (should something happen coming out of the ordinary, so this scenario break). All segodnyaschy opposition has a "pocket" in nature, with neither the desire nor the will nor the concept, no real favorite to change the situation.

Thus, the current Russian system can bring down the outer waves — from the collapse of the EU Member States as the main market of Russian raw materials to the outbreak of World War II in the South, the centers of which have already appeared. In addition, there is a danger of falling China. The Chinese civilization in its history, has never been able to overcome the cyclical nature of their own development, the flowering is always replaced by stagnation and collapse. At the current time our homeland is not able to solve any of these global problems, we can only be observers. Keep your distance and do not interfere, do not come, we're in the crosshairs of all 3 problems.

Well, the internal difficulties to be resolved: the Russian people continue to die out, migration policy threatened heavy riots and pogroms, population stratification in the last class of new masters and the "slaves" of national resources are exported abroad, brand new wave of privatization can throw people out of forests, water, residues fundamental strategic companies, infrastructure requests tremendous investments — Russian strength in store for the finals, etc.

And most importantly — no idea sounded great, the concept of the state, which would be able to join a large part of the population, in the face of external and internal threats. Development psevdopravoslaviya only adds problems, not solve them. Therefore, the alienation of the population from the government and resentment will only grow.

Putin himself has said about the result — a 25-year collapse of our civilization, we only wish to enter the top five of strongest economies in the world. (!) At the last emperor of the Romanov dynasty we were in the top 5 most powerful majestic economic powers under Stalin became the second superpower in the world (on a number of characteristics of the first). Now only wish to enter the top 5, ie, we fell deeper than they were 100 years ago! Only nuclear weapon, gallakticheskie technology, the remains of Russian industry to remind us that we are majestic power.

In the end, it all means the complete inability of the Russian Federation and its managerial class right to resist external threats and global catastrophes. And we will have to pay again for a giant bloody cost new save the country — and all because of the inhuman greed and selfishness of today's "elite." Let us hope that the Russian land has given birth to a new Stalin or Ivan the Terrible, which will be able to lead the process of rebuilding our empire.

Although it is clear that pragmatism Fishing season better than populism and tricks Medvedev. Unfortunately, his pragmatism is not the level of civilization, like Stalin, and not focused on the Russian civilization in general.

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