Plant Colors Quil showed Belgorod colorful nanotechnology

Next, the third in succession event "All the colors of autumn" was held on September 29 in the shopping center "Family", where the construction material shop of one of the partners of the plant "Quil".

The campaign Belgorod demonstrations were made of innovative materials plant "Quil": paint "Dr. Farb" with nanoparticles of silver and enamel primer on rust "Korroed AQUA".

How do nanotechnology in paint as a material made of water-based, can protect the metal from rust, how many shades of colors can be given in the center of the plant tinting "Quil" — told the guests about this holiday experts of the enterprise. And the audience was able to play the role of test paint "Dr. Farb" for children’s rooms.

Persistence of this paint to stains tested in two stages: first, the children painted designs pens and lipstick, and then adults erased traces of contamination.



The figurative representation of how contained in paints, "Quil" silver nanoparticles win microbes, small Belgorod presented during the contest of children’s drawings. For participation in various competitions and quizzes kids and adults received prizes and specialty gifts from "Quil."

In honor of the upcoming anniversary — next year the plant "Colors of Quil" turns 20 years old — the company continues to give gifts. During the event at the shopping center "Family" were played prizes certificates for the purchase of products worth 2, 1.5, and 0.5 thousand rubles, camera, smartphone and a laptop.




Source: http://белру.рф/news/belgorod/2012/10/02/72269.html

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