Plant for the production of animal feed has opened in the Trans-Baikal Territory

September 20

In the village of the district Youth Priargunsky Trans-Baikal region has opened a new manufacturing plant — a plant for the production of compound feed and feed mixes for farm animals.

Yuri Kalashnikov, the director of "Priargunsky feed mill", "Do we have four kinds of products. It’s all certified. This three types of feed (for cattle, poultry and pigs) and foodmixture universal." Planned capacity: up to 3 tons of feed per hour.

Video: At the opening ceremony was attended by representatives of local authorities, heads of agricultural enterprises and farms. Before cutting the red ribbon, the head of the district administration Priargunsky Sergei Pichkurenko noted the significance of this event. He stressed that the launch of the plant — means new jobs for local residents, as well as a partial solution to the problems to ensure the agricultural edge feed.

Sergei Pichkurenko, head of the district administration Priargunsky: "Even today this feed enjoys a very high demand. I know that he is in demand outside Priargunsky district. It enjoys a very high demand and the residents of our area. People are very willing to take this feed. How they say the pigs are growing by leaps and bounds. "

The main consumers of this plant will be the edge of farms that specialize in breeding and animal industry. Also among the potential buyers — private holdings and peasant farms.

In the future it is planning to expand the range of products and to increase the capacity of the plant up to three tons of feed per hour. This, according to the company’s management will increase the efficiency of the livestock industry region, and grain producers will provide an additional market for feed grains and other food crops.

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