Plant for the production of ethanol from MSW will appear near Smolensk

The authorities of the Smolensk region supported the construction investment project in the region of the plant for the production of ethanol from recycled resources and municipal solid waste (MSW), the preliminary cost is estimated at 80-85 million, said on Friday, RIA Novosti press-secretary of the Smolensk Governor Andrew Evseenkov.
"The project will allow us to significantly improve the environmental situation in the region. The plant will be able to continuously recycle waste production and consumption, in addition, the power company will conduct reclamation of the region’s largest landfill near the village Kutchino "- said Evseenkov.

The project company JSC "Renewable Energy CIS" plans to eliminate all landfill located around Smolensk and create for this purpose intermunicipal ekotehnopark.
Complex for the production of household waste will be located in the area in the village Kardymovsky Sukhorukov.
"The presence near the site developed engineering and transport infrastructure will allow for the construction of a plant with minimal costs. We offer the investor the land area of 9 hectares, which is as close to businesses, sources in solid waste, "- said the official.
According to the investor, already fully prepared business plan for the future of the plant and the base project. Prior to the start of construction is necessary to develop construction documents and convert agricultural land into industrial land use category.
Bioethanol plant will create more than 400 jobs.
After reaching full production capacity, the new plant will be capable of annually processing more than 300,000 tonnes of household waste and produce 37 million liters of high-quality bio-ethanol. According to experts, it will recycle 85-90% of fresh litter and 10-15% of the garbage dumps.

The complex is designed to service the three municipalities of the Smolensk region and the city of Smolensk.
Approximate payback period will be 2.5-3 years from the start of production. The exact dates of the start of construction of the plant is not specified.

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