Plant for the production of vinyl siding and gutters Deke Extrusion

Plant for the production of vinyl siding and gutters "Deke Extrusion" was built in 2004 and equipped with the latest science and technology. It produces vinyl siding and gutter systems under the same brand name «Docke».

Production Complex "Deke Extrusion", located in the town of Dmitrov, sixty kilometers from Moscow, is equipped with the most modern equipment of the leading German manufacturers of extrusion technology, such as Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme, Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik, Theysohn Extrusion.

From the very beginning the company has "Deke Extrusion" uses for the production of vinyl siding Docke only the best raw materials and components are the leading suppliers — LRS, LG Chemicals, Kronos.

In 2006, "Deke Extrusion" has completed the construction of a new warehouse and modernized the production. Launched three new lines of siding, siding Docke allowing to make a unique profile geometry.

In 2009, Deke launched a new product: the drainage system Docke. In the manufacture of gutters uses the latest German equipments: Theysohn Extrusionstechnik GmbH for the extrusion of pipes and drains and gutters molding machines ENGEL Austria GmbH.

Gutters and drains pipes are made on technology co — extrusion, ie they have two layers: a thicker bottom, providing the mechanical properties and the thin outer having a high resistance to UV light and adverse weather conditions.

In the manufacture of siding Docke apply several unique technologies to increase the operational and technical properties of the produced product:

* External co-extruded layer Docke Capstock, which allows for siding maximum resistance to temperature, humidity, sunlight and therefore achieve optimum performance for strength and durability.
* The unique geometry of the siding, developed by designers "Deke Extrusion" taking into account the climatic conditions of Russia, as well as the constantly rising demands of buyers to the design of facades of houses.
* Antiuraganny lock with double bend that makes it easy to withstand the onslaught of a strong wind and keep the facade intact. For the first time in the world it is not only on the main panel, but also on the soffit.

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