Plant green plants

In the framework of cooperation between the Government of the Chelyabinsk region and the Japan Association for Trade with Russia and the Newly Independent States (ROTOBO) to the South Urals was attended by representatives of EspecCorp (Japan). It was her experts have developed a technology of growing herbs and vegetables, making it possible not to depend on outside suppliers.

The know-how of the Japanese can always have on hand fresh herbs and vegetables of own production — tomatoes and cucumbers can be grown even in kindergarten, the school cafeteria, cafes and restaurants.

Experts Academy Chelyabinsk Agroengineering first tested the technology and equipment from Japan — six months ago in the laboratory of the Department of Physics in Select Japanese and local sown seeds of lettuce, sorrel, herbs and even strawberries. Scientists have gathered and tried some of the fruits of the experimental harvest. By the arrival of the Japanese delegation at the academy grew maturing varieties of cucumbers, tomatoes are going to bloom. Agency staff claim that the special differences of taste qualities in vegetables, "the Japanese" are grown from the traditional way there.


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