Plant growing cucumber (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Anton Balashov (LJ barnas)

In the Khasan district has recently opened a factory for growing cucumber

(Recently this on CBS: 

2. The central entrance.

3. Once inside, we find ourselves in a laboratory where investigate sea cucumber at the molecular level.

4. On the second floor is a shop cultivation of marine algae.


6. The room, which features a bath, where they grow a sea cucumber.

7. Employees of the plant are constantly monitoring the water in the baths


9. Spawning bath


11. George Kim, President Dal’rybvtuz, talks about the process of growing cucumber.

12. Sea cucumbers live up to 10 years. The adult reaches a large enough size.



15. All sea cucumbers counted. Young birds are released into the sea, where the breed at large.


17. The coastal zone of the plant.

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