Plant growing seedlings for reforestation in the Vologda region

In 2010, in the Vologda region began construction of the complex processing of raw forest seed and planting stock with closed root system. June 30, 2011 was commissioned a modern plant for growing seedlings with closed root system.

Construction of the plant for growing seedlings was one of the areas of priority investment project in forest development, implemented by PG IN "Vologda Forestry Association."

The purpose of the complex — provision of planting material with closed root system with improved hereditary properties of the state order in the reproduction of forests and forest users — the tenants of forest plots.

The project provides for a rotation of one million seedlings to grow, with a 100 percent survival rate. In one year, under favorable conditions, can be done two rotations and two million seedlings grow spruce with closed root system and improved hereditary properties. So planting material will be provided for reforestation in areas of the state contract — Vologda, Sheksninsky, Sokol, Mezhdurechensk, Ust-Kubenskoye.

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