Plant im.61 Communards already started to produce APCs

GC "Ukroboronprom" worked measures of capacity utilization being a part of the State Enterprise "Shipyard. 61 Communards "(Nikolaev), the plans include, in particular, on the organization of complete assembly sudozavode export armored vehicles, writes


As reported on Tuesday, the press service of the State Concern with reference to the company director Vladimir Berko, to date, in the framework of strengthening domestic industrial cooperation between enterprises "Ukroboronproma" on sudozavode already begun production of the first cases of BTR-4, collected at the facilities of defense of Ukraine in the framework of the implementation of export contracts.
"At the end of July, we hand over the first body to Nicholas APC factory, and in the future plan to jointly produce armored vehicles fully complete the installation of the chassis, power plant, transfer case. It is also about the modernization of BTR-3, other armored vehicles, as well as the production of all-wheel drive armored vehicle "Dozor-B" — said V.Berko.
As the director, however, is considered an important task to ensure the solution of the question of accommodation in the facilities sudozavoda them. 61 Communards defense contracts for the repair of ships VMSU.
"We urge the leadership VMSU the need to define our factory base for the repair of ships Ukrainian Navy.
The meeting with the commander of the VMSU who is willing to tackle the issue at the level of the Ministry of Defence, "- he said.
V.Berko also sees prospects for the resumption of "Shipbuilding Plant. 61 Communards "building military and civilian vessels to foreign customers.
According to him, currently in talks with potential partners are complicated by difficult economic and financial situation of the company.
However, steps are being taken to enable the plant to master this trend in the future, he said.
"Sudozavod certified under the Ukrainian register, preparing extension for the Russian.
Is also preparing for the resumption of quality system ISO.
Already renovated floating dock capacity of about 7,000 tons, which received permission to use up to 2018 ", — he said.
According V.Berko, the plant is finalizing work design documentation for the modernization of tankers and bulk carriers.
Tentative start of works — in September 2013.
A possibility of also obtaining a license to sudozavodom scrap collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, he said.

Director sudozavoda optimistic about plans for "Ukroboronproma" on sale on the balance of the enterprise cruiser "Ukraine".
"The work in identifying potential buyers cruiser Project 1164 continues its implementation will fill up share capital of the state concern and distribute funds among the enterprises in the industry, including sudozavod them. 61 Communards ", — he said.
V.Berko also announced plans to optimize production sudozavoda: "The cost of maintaining the territory will be reduced, the production capacity will be concentrated on the left bank.
Right Bank territory of the plant, we see a promising platform for the development of joint ventures and investment projects. "

According V.Berko, personnel issues at work specialties sudozavode associated with the work of its own training center, which provides training and re-training to 18 working professions, as well as cooperation with the Nikolaev Institute of Postgraduate Education.

"Shipbuilding Plant. 61 Communards "is part of the State Concern" Ukroboronprom "by the decision of the Government of Ukraine in April 2011.

In the past sudozavod was one of the largest shipbuilding companies in Ukraine, is issued, including warships.

In recent years the company is in financial difficulties, the problems of the formation and training of highly qualified in the first place, working professions, state, attract orders, update production facilities. From time to time the question is raised whether it was privatized, but no decision on this point is not accepted.

In autumn 2009, the Economic Court of Nikolaev region on the suit Prominvestbanka (Kiev), which shipyard owes Rs 4,440,000, filed bankruptcy GP. As of June 1, 2013, according to the plant, the amount of unpaid wages was 17.3 million USD.

According to some reports, the restructuring program sudozavoda including sale is not primarily involved in the production cycle of surplus property, to date, has not passed approval of the Ministry of Justice.

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