Plant Kobzarenka has expanded its line of tractor trailers


  • Trailer TSP-39 "Vagovoz"
  • Trailer TSP-39 "Vagovoz"

"Plant Kobzarenka" has expanded its line of tractor trailers for the new model.

Trailer TSP-39 "Vagovoz" (total weight 39 tons) has now been tested, certified and has been released. The first two trailers TSP-39 sent to the sugar factory in Russia. The Russians said that after a month of operation are ready to order another 15 Ukrainian heavy trucks.  Carrying capacity of the new trailer — 30 tons, and that’s half the rail car. The height of the trailer with stripes — 3600 mm, without stripes — 2950 mm. Volume — 38 m3. Trailer weight — 8.5 tons. The cone-shaped body (rear end is wider at the front 100 mm) prevents hanging green matter and manure.

Stabilization of lateral balance when unloading is provided by two hydraulic cylinders that are mounted on the rear axle. Tires — 560/60R 22,5 CGT (India) stand 6300 kg per wheel at 40 km / h. For the green mass of the wheels, you can use the size 385/65R 22,5, which are cheaper by 10% and reduce the cost of the trailer, but the capacity TSP-39 to 25 tons.

By the way, the foreign analogues VAGOVOZA stand up to a million hryvnia. The plant sets on trailer parts from the best manufacturers, including: Axles and enhanced suspension dia. 130 mm — ADR (Italy); Tow Ring — Scharmuller (Austria); Wheels — PRONAR (Poland) and increased resistance tires 560/60R 22,5 CGT (India) telescopic hydraulic cylinder 5-stage — Di Natale Bertelli (Italy ) polyurethane primer and paint — PPG (France), Body and Frame — Ukrainian made of metal on the Ukrainian Ukrainian Plant Kobzarenka.

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