Plant Kobzarenka: reviving the engineering potential of Ukraine

This year, "The plant Kobzarenka" turns 20 years. Precocious age for Ukrainian business is not "young" and although European counterparts, the history of which is calculated by centuries, the plant is still far, plans which today already existed, and can not but rejoice.

But first things first.

 The story began back in the early 90s, when the chief agronomist at a farm. Lucka Lipovodolinskogo district, Sumy region, Anatoly Kobzarenko by chance came to Germany "And it was so. In 1990, I was in a meeting in an editorial at the time agrofirm "Dawn" Rivne region with the legendary Plyutinskogo — says Anatoly. — Then he quite seriously suggested that up to those who know English or German, promising to immediately take on the job as his deputy for foreign economic relations. Of the 300 present not got nobody. " After that, Kobzarenko began to remember the lessons of school language and their own to deal with. Perseverance has yielded, unexpected results — in 1992 he was the only one the whole area had the opportunity to semi-annual training on a farm in Germany.

Once in the country, Kobzarenko worked hard, learning the wisdom of doing agricultural business such as the time it seemed a distant country, and intending to apply this experience in Ukraine. However, man proposes and God — a. One day, Ukrainian agronomist talked with one of the guests of his master, also a farmer. He told me that the metal in Ukraine, if converted to the currency, is mere pennies

After a few days of Anatolia and its owner was invited to visit the brother of the farmer — Joseph Fliegl, the owner located near the places of the plant for the production of tractor trailers. Company Fliegl Maschinenbau, which just came in second place in Europe for the production of tractor-trailers and car trailers. By the time the German market, the company was already too small, and the owner was looking for a way out to the international arena. Wonderful option here could be Ukraine, especially since Mr. Fliegl immediately saw the potential of enterprising Ukrainians, inviting him to become a purchasing agent Ukrainian metal. So, in itself the idea of a joint Ukrainian-German enterprise for the production of hand trucks and wheelbarrows.

Anatoly decided not to spend your time on the Deutschmark car or something else, and get away from agriculture and invest it in your own business. Partner and investor of the German side was the neighbor of the farmer who has worked Anatoly, and soon in a remote region of Sumy region, a new joint venture "Outhouse".

Mr. Fliegl allocated to its Ukrainian partner doychmarok 10 million for the purchase of the entire area of the first semi-automatic welding machine, car, fax, and made him director of the joint venture. Another interesting fact is that the first premise enterprise was nothing more than a private garage Anatolia Kobzarenko. It was there began to develop a simple and necessary in rural products — gates and container grain. Over time, extended range — made doors, grates, parts for concrete mixers — in short, everything that the strength welding equipment. "Arriving in Ukraine, I clearly realized that you need to base your own business. Built the garage and started to hire people — the first one then five, and so on "- says A. Kobzarenko.

Unfortunately, the initial idea to the export of Ukrainian metal to Germany, too, was short-lived — in 1993 the price of the metal has soared, and soon almost reached the level of German.

Slowly, step by step, the business developed, and all the money invested in the production line of carts. Soon Kobzarenko together with assistants has attached to the garage hangar, then another, not sparing even for the needs of the production of its own vegetable garden.

KNOW your mistakes

Time passed, and the company has developed into "garage" volumes. " "Fear as such I did not have. Was the goal, and it was clear that the need to act. We started to producewheelbarrows and carts for subsistence farmingand deliver them all over Ukraine. Loaded them into the light trailer and drove themselves, for example, to the city. We spent the night in the car, because the money for the hotel just was not "- says Anatoly.

Since the creation of Kobzarenko with his chief engineer developed 30 models of trucks. Many models designed specifically for the commercial sector — for example, trolley distribution of feed capacity of 200-400 kg, trucks for warehouses, for traders in the wholesale and retail markets, etc.

Since the business was in the outback, it gave its advantages — first customers became residents of neighborhoods, they also tested the new items. It helped to get feedback and, if necessary, modify the cart. Buyers themselves tossed the idea of new equipment — so there was "non-core" development joint venture —Hand cultivatorwith replaceable working parts, and allows you to schedule weed aisle, spud and digging potatoes. It caused such high demand that only the first spring "Outhouse" manufactured and sold in the surrounding villages and districts over fifteen hundred pieces. In addition, the joint venture Kobzarenko there was one additional line of business — station in the district center, which has allowed to provide repair services. Time passed and the portfolio of the future plant all new and replenished with new types of products.

However, diligent hands as known unaware rest. After some time, it is understood that it is necessary to move to a new level. Director SP felt that the company is ready to take on the assembly of the German component of tractor trailers. This direction has been and remains in Ukraine perspective: after all trailers with capacity from 6 to 24 tonnes for «John Deere» and other powerful import of tractors in the Ukraine is not there.

"The opening of the plant I was talking about what it will be factorytractor trailersNumber 1 in Ukraine, but he himself is not fully believe in his words. I set a goal and meant it, and today we have reached that goal, "- says Kobzarenko.


"It helped and helps the experience I gained in Germany, working in the factory Fliegl" — continues Mr. Kobzarenko. There I saw that such planning and perspective. They made hundreds of thousands of concrete mixers, and they all piled up huge piles at the plant and did not sell, then I do not understand why this is necessary. But then came the moment, and nearly a year all mixers sold out. Then, in 1992, just ended the war in Yugoslavia and the German cement mixer very useful. That is, people working for the future and clearly see her. This, I confess, and in their work. I am sure that this tactic is bearing fruit, "- he said.

"I am guided in order to achieve significance. I see a good example — when I started out with a wing in 1993, his company was number 2 in Europe for the production of trailers, and today is the leader. My company is now much higher than those volumes, which was the company Wing in 1993, and if there was easier access to credit, then everyone would have happened very differently, "says Anatoly Kobzarenko.

The plant clearly plan their activities and adhere to established schedules, production and supply. Such meticulousness and decency have to taste to customers — they are happy to become regular customers.

Years of experience and a high level of product quality have provided credibility of such companies as "Vanguard", "Buchachagrohlebprom", "Astarta-Kyiv", "Green Valley", "Friendship Nova", "MHP", "Kernel", "Mriya Agricultural Holding "and other many other

Endearing QUALITY

Very interesting history of the name of the plant in honor of its creator. About her Kobzarenko A. says: "In 2008, when my company has become more or less visible in the market (if we are for 1 year in Ukraine wheelbarrows sold for 1 million dollars) and was to compete, Josef Fliegl asked me to change the name. Then I’m seriously thinking about how to make so that the name be easy and immediately memorized. Engineering companies was enough, and the names were the same type. And somehow in itself came to mind that the plant should be called as the employees themselves and consumers, and they simply said — "Plant Kobzarenko." "At first, even I myself was kind of awkward, but over time, and I among them, are used to and began to see the name as a brand. I am very pleased that turned out that way. "

In order to sell and make a profit must continually work on range and quality of products ", — said Anatoly. Now in 2013, "Plant Kobzarenko" can offer the customer15 types of trailers5 types of cargo handling bins10 types of water tanks and manure20 kinds of various grain augersblades and buckets,
as well asfertilizer spreaders.

"All companies operate in market conditions, which means that the winner is the one to whom people come. Here the mechanism works, "come-bought — tried — Send to a friend" if the products are of poor quality, it loses not only the buyer but also the seller "- he adds.

Actively trying to familiarize potential customers with new products produced by the plant is involved in all major agrovystavkah both in Ukraine and abroad. In 2011 at an exhibition in Hanover plant Agritechnika Kobzarenko received the diploma for the development of innovativemobile loading station "Ark"mobile loading station "Ark" — which is unique in the world.

Despite the fact that the company has recently started to actively participate in European exhibitions Mr. Kobzarenko sees them as a great perspective: "This year, we plan only to participate in the exhibition to learn the order of 1 million USD. When we start to sell one or two units in a particular country, one way or another slowly winning over the local market. As the saying goes: "Every little helps — naked shirt." Plus, thanks to the exchange of information with customers during the show, we pull the quality level of our technology to European standards. This gives us the opportunity to insure themselves against losses. "

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