Plant. Malyshev increasing production: Prospects for 2015

SOE "Plant them. Malyshev "plans to go on the basis of the restructuring in 2015, the volume of production of about 1.5 billion hryvnias ($ 188 million).

"It is planned that by 2015, after the restructuring, plant them. Malyshev will be released on the production volume at approximately 1.5 billion USD, which is six times more than the figure at the start of the restructuring: in the 2012 production of the plant was 245 million UAH ", — said V.Fedosov. 

As explained CEO, according to preliminary estimates of management, the need for investment in the implementation of measures to restructure in 2015 is estimated at 570 million USD ($ 71mln). "Since the beginning of 2013 spending on these projects has amounted to about 800 million USD, which is not enough, and hinders the reform process", — he said.

Among the key measures of restructuring V.Fedosov identified technical re-equipment of production.

"The cost of the new equipment only to provide" hot "strategic directions, which will be purchased in 2013-2015, more than 150 million USD ($ 18.8 million). Estimated costs of the modernization and overhaul of equipment valued at 30 million USD ", — he said.

In this case, the general director, the company is planning to raise in 2015 for working capital due to the implementation and write-offs, as well as the lease of unused objects in the production process 205 million USD ($ 25.6 million). "In addition, according to our estimates, government support in the adoption this year of the law on state guarantees for liabilities of enterprises" Ukroboronproma "must be made up to 2015 UAH 365 million ($ 45.6 million)," — said V.Fedosov.

In this regard, the general director noted the need to clarify the current legal framework for the implementation of tasks: "It is a draft law providing for the possibility of alienation and implementation in the course of the restructuring of real estate companies that are not subject to privatization. The restructuring plan of such enterprises must be approved by the government. Now the document is being approved by the Ministry of Economic Development. Without the adoption of this law can not be effective restructuring, "- he stressed.

According V.Fedosov, under the restructuring plan to release more than 500 thousand square meters production areas and to transfer the ownership of the city and the region for more than 50% of land area. Today, the total area of the GP plant them. Malysheva according plant is more than 300 m.

"In the future it is planned to focus production on a single site in 42 hectares, instead of the existing 190 hectares in two areas," — he said, noting: "It is very important for the company to be, including the reduction of the land tax for the year 2014."

As noted V.Fedosov, now the company has already begun active optimization of production processes.

"Collection of finished products — tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces — is concentrated in one shop, instead of the previously scattered productions. At this time also preparing a modern technological platform for 3 thousand square meters. for the final assembly of engines, engine components and the control input of parts coming to the assembly, "- he said.

According V.Fedosova, restructuring SOE "Plant them. Malyshev "is conducted using proven on many productions of the American system« lean manufacturing »(English -" lean production "). "Only in 2013 is expected due to the restructuring program and energy efficiency compared with 2012 savings should amount to at least 40 million USD", — he said.

"Optimization of the structure and production capacity will ensure, as a minimum, to achieve break-even production as well as improve the competitiveness of products. With improved balance sheet will increase its investment attractiveness "- said V.Fedosov.

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