Plant mechatronic products expands machine fleet

In October 2011, the Plant mechatronic products commissioned a new production facility, equipped with modern lines on the basis of multi-task machines.
Launch of the new plant is due not only to the planned expansion of production capacity of the plant, but also access to new quality indicators for services milling.
The centerpiece of the machine working stock of the new plant is 80 ton machine giant OP-9. The machine is designed for the production of billets and details of the method of planning, alignment, rolling metal sheet cutting into shapes of complex contours of steel, aluminum and titanium alloys. OP-9 handles large items weighing up to 1000 kg. The machine can perform milling, drilling, reaming and boring of holes alternately each milling head as a vertical spindle and horizontal nozzle.
This allows equipment such as beds, the grounds for bolshehodnyh linear modules, etc. The distinctive feature of the machine is the presence of two power cutter heads that allow you to turn with long cycles to execute the operations planning — planning and cutting cutter — end mill.
AF-9 is designed for milling large components such as beams, spars, frames elements, panels, frame and base bolshehodnyh linear modules, etc., as well as sub-assemblies with components manufactured from steel, high-strength aluminum and titanium alloys.
Characteristics of the machine OP-9:

* Dimensions (length / width / height) — 17800/6140/5500 mm,
* Power — 37 kW
* Minimum spindle speed — 20 r / m,
* Maximum spindle speed — 3000 r / m,
* Length of working table — 7000 mm,
* Table width — 1600 mm,
* Moving the axes (X / Y / Z) — 7000/2650/500.

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