Plant Melinvest photos

Publish photos of the plant "Melinvest" (plant im.Vorobeva) Nizhny Novgorod. Produces equipment for elevators and HSP. He engaged in installation and commissioning of grain cleaning lines and dryers, this year we master feed mills. Of the full range of my liking is equipment of the plant. Well, I can not but mention AGROPROMTEKHNIKA (Kirov), Voronezhselmash Their make-good equipment.

1.gruzovoy shop

  • Plant overview

2. here it is clear to all machine shop

3. assembly shop (frame separators, dryers section)

4. another assembly workshop

5. Section dryers closer

6. this case crushers

7. shoes and head elevators

8. assembly pnevmokanalov

9. machines are not new, but in what condition they contains, (welding shop)

10. But this is "investing in funds proizodstva"


11. area laser cutting



The quality is marvelous, faced with Riel, with pektusami, not to mention the Turkish "chudoparatah" (that’s not a typo, so the men in the brigade called them), there is nothing to compare. Not worse or even better than zabugornye counterparts.



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