Plant named after Zvereva (CMH) has resumed production of three lenses

Good news for lovers of photography.

Open Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva "(JSC CMH) has resumed production of lenses" MC Mir-20M "," Helios 40-2 "and" Telezenitar 2.8 / 135. "

"The decision to resume production of lenses due to increased demand for their customers, and this despite the fact that these lenses were produced for a long time and is only suitable for film cameras. In this regard, the lenses have been refined and have mounts for Canon and Nikon », — said Head of the Marketing Department CMH AM Akhmedov.

The lens "Helios 40-2" has a high aperture ratio 1,5 / 85 is designed for portraits, street photography, including in low-light, fast-moving items that require small quantities of extracts, etc.

Feature is the use of multi lens achromatic illumination by which is achieved a substantial increase in transmittance and almost complete destruction of harmful ambient light that allows picture even in the presence of bright light sources.The cost of the lens: 8041 rubles.


Super wide angle lens "MC Mir-20M" — Compact interchangeable lens aperture of 3.5 / 20. The lens is supplied with a set of filters to provide high-quality images under various shooting conditions. The angle of view of 96 °, a large depth of field afforded the opportunity to distinguish between front, middle and background, to focus the various compositional details of the frame when shooting.

Good color, high light transmission and blikozaschischennost, excellent image quality across the entire field, small size and light weight, create favorable conditions for professional and amateur footage of architectural ensembles, interior spaces, landscapes.The cost of the lens: 7612 rubles.


Interchangeable telephoto telephoto lens MC APO "Telezenitar-M 2,8 / 135" has a multi-layer anti-reflective coating applied to the lens, which increases light transmission and reduces light scattering that provides a particularly favorable contrast and sharpness of the image, substantially eliminates ghosting, flare and light spots, even when shooting against the light.

The lens used special type of glass that provide him with apochromatic correction, which improves the image quality.The cost of the lens: 10,999 rubles.


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