Plants Zelenograd reported on the latest developments

Production at the factory "Micron". Photo Info portal.

Prefecture published a report on the results of socio-economic development of Zelenograd in 2011 with examples of recent achievements of leading enterprises District.

As noted in the report, results of research and industrial organizations in the past year, "confirmed the positive trend in the development of scientific and industrial complex of Zelenograd." The total proceeds from the sale of goods and services of large and medium-sized enterprises of science and industry, compared with 2010 increased by 15 percent. On the enterprises’, according to the report Prefecture, developed new products. Thus, the plant "Micron" began supplying contactless chip ski passes for the largest object and the 2014 Olympics Tickets for commuter trains. In addition, the company has mastered a new market of high-frequency contactless RFID self-adhesive labels for the pharmaceutical market, libraries, archival and museum collections. Together with "RUSNANO" "Micron" launched production of integrated circuits based on nanoelectronic technology with design rules of 90 nm on 200 mm wafers.

"Angstrom", being the lead developer and a major supplier of specialized electronic components and microelectronic products for strategic sectors of the Russian economy began to serial deliveries of radiation-resistant metal-ceramic packages products for Rosatom, Russian Federal Space Agency and the Russian Railways. The company has completed the construction of a new line of hardware assembly and is preparing for the opening of crystal production of integrated circuits topology 0,35-0,25 microns on wafers of 200 mm diameter. Plant "Component" introduced in 2011, a system for optical control that meets the requirements of visual control solutions for a number of technological challenges for prototyping printed circuit boards from the new material. "Binnofarm" together with the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University is implementing a project to create a high-tech production cell technology for regenerative medicine. In 2011, the plant produced new drugs to treat a number of diseases.

In December 2011, the opening of the new production NPP "Elemer" and "Lumen Star". "Elemer" develops and manufactures instruments and sensors for measurement and control of temperature and pressure, and "Lumen Star" manufactures advanced LED lighting for indoor, street and road lighting as well as infrastructure design of a new generation.

According to the prefecture, in 2011, Zelenograd industrial enterprises were created 425 new jobs, the largest number — at SEC "ELINS", "Micron" and "SRI" Submicron ". The average monthly wage in the industry in the past year amounted to 38,600 rubles, up to 2010 was 26%. In organizations of science the average monthly salary — 37 700 rubles, which is 14% higher than in 2010.

Four companies of Zelenograd — "Micron", "Angstrom", "SRI" Submicron " and SPC "Elvis" — Have received grants from the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow in the sum of 8.4 million rubles for the courses to young workers in enterprises under the age of 30 years.

Two enterprises county financial support was provided for the creation of additional jobs for the youth and the disabled. "Micron" received for this purpose 38,416,000 rubles, "Prosoft-M" — 29,149,000 rubles.

In the framework of the Comprehensive Program of industrial activity in Moscow in 2010-2011 a grant of 20 million rubles from the budget received OJSC "NII" Elpa " on the implementation of the investment project to create a production piezoelectric film elements.


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