Plaque An-148 aircraft in the airline Russia has exceeded 20,000 hours


In mid-October, the total flight time of aircraft grade AN-148 assembly Voronezh Aircraft Company ("VASO") in the airline "Russia" has exceeded 20,000 hours, the press service of the VACO.

This kind of figure is a milestone for the aircraft class and regional approaches to better performance, including, for machines and the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, noted at VACO.

Operation 148-100V AC "Russia" began in December 2009.
Currently, the airline’s fleet has six aircraft. Flights on these boards Voronezh assembly performed in more than 20 destinations, including 18 cities in Russia, 2 — in the CIS and other foreign countries 3 points. The first international flight passenger aircraft An-148-100B made March 16, 2011 in Berlin.
Top flight of AN-148 in Europe preceded accreditation aircraft aviation authorities of Germany, confirmed the appropriateness of the type requirements of foreign countries. An important milestone in the history of exploitation of the An-148 has become a regular audit of the IOSA (program production safety audit of airlines of the International Air Transport Association (IATA Operational Safety Audit), designed to assess the operational systems of management and control of air carriers). IOSA procedure has been successfully passed, it was yet another confirmation of readiness to operate this type of aircraft on international routes.
Since the start of operation on this type of aircraft the airline "Russia" has carried more than 500,000 passengers, performing more than 8,000 flights. In May 2011 raid in specific practical aircraft reached 286 hours. In July, the figure was 276 hours by the average aircraft and aircraft in specific practical exceeded 293 hours. In August, a raid on one of the planes exceeded 400 hours, and in September of this raid reached two aviaborta type.

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