Plaque fighters WEST tripled

Fighter aircraft based near Kaliningrad and covering the Baltic fleet, tripled intensity of its flights over the territory of the Kaliningrad region.

  • Su - 27 Russian Air Force
  • Su — 27 Russian Air Force

"Raid Fighter Squadron Crew 7000 th Air Base in the Western Military District, stationed at the airfield Chkalov, increased more than 3 times compared to the same period last year", — the press-service of the Navy.

According to her, in the winter training period in the current year total duration crews fighter squadron of Su-27 has made more than 500 hours, average flight hours per pilot — more than 35 hours.

In particular, the number of shifts, increased by up to four week. Also for joint operations and training in the Kaliningrad region, pilots and instructors come from other Russian Air Force aviation units.

The pilots of the Su-27 squadron in the flight missions and spend off and landing approach in bad weather, mock attacks by low-speed air and ground targets, perform complex aerobatics and combat maneuvers at low and medium altitudes. Among the essential elements of combat exercises that perform pilots — air combat simulation and forcing the intruder to the landing.

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