Plastic molding

When it comes on more profitable projects, we can safely state that in the middle of such projects is one of the top destinations is the introduction of recycled materials. As a secondary raw materials now, many companies are using plastic. Russian company VZRT-Arsenal has long and successfully engaged in molding plastic that allows you to work more effectively on the Russian market.

The fact that the plastic products now enjoy a tremendous demand in virtually any country of the world. And casting plastic — creating virtually waste-free. At least some raw materials for this kind of activity can be used more than once, which allows to increase the efficiency of the production process and participate in the development of so-called "green" technologies.

One embodiment of the plastic processing is its metallization. This allows you to create the effect of iron for the production of different items, from finishing to technology.

Now vacuum metallizing plastic products is carried out by the subsequent procedure: the surface of certain products, molded plastic, a metal layer is deposited. In most cases, the thickness of the iron layer is less than 100 nanometers, which allows the use of this kind of products in a variety of fields. One of the most popular coating for metal is aluminum. After the aluminum using a special installation is applied to a plastic surface, it should cover a thin layer of a special technical varnish. If this function is ignored, then rapidly oxidized metals and dims, and all product together with that loses its own luster.

The company "VZRT-Arsenal" produces different types of work with plastic. Also, what's made plastic casting, services companies are also in the ability of iron deposition on the surface of the plastic in the design circuit boards, plastic paint of various technological purpose. You can order the creation of the details or devaysa for those or other purposes at least some forms of the customer's own design. At the same time, you can buy ready-made products at profitable prices. Casting plastics with their upcoming treatment — is the main activity of the company "VZRT-Arsenal." Products of this company be successfully applied in almost all areas of economic activity, from car manufacturing to the creation of electrical equipment.

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