PlayDisplay created a 3D-model of the historic Gorky Park augmented reality


Company PlayDisplay — A joint project studio Cosmos 5 Design and capital investment, as well as resident Business Incubator MSU — In the framework of the exhibition "History of temporary architecture" has demonstrated a three-dimensional model of "Gorky Park" sample 1923

Augmented reality technology, developed by the Russian company PlayDisplay, allows you to see the real picture in unusually three-dimensional projection. When you point to the map iPad, which is installed Garage Pavilions, picture turns into a giant three-dimensional model of the terrain, the details of MDM drawn to the smallest detail. It also provides pop-up text explanation, told CNews Playdisplay.


Partner Andrew PlayDisplay Sudarikov shared the story create a model: "We did not copy the pavilions, and create them anew: built of virtual logs. While the drawings were not as detailed as it is now. There was no clear state standards, standards — many of the most important structures were built almost on the sketches. But this did not stop to reconstruct the time until the wooden bas-reliefs on the buildings. After three months of continuous work with archival materials, we have to treat these pavilions as to their own development. "

Historical 3D-model of "Gorky Park" augmented reality, created PlayDisplay
Another novelty of PlayDisplay become interactive Photo Wall. While viewing of 3D-objects stand automatically takes a snapshot of the user, after which the image can be sent to your e-mail or posted on the social network directly from the show via the touch screen.

"Stand augmented reality from PlayDisplay given the opportunity to feel the architect of the Soviet matrix. If any of the visitors picked up a piece of cardboard painted with a marker, then on the large TV screen to view detailed model of the pavilion, implemented in three-dimensional space ", — The company said.


During the existence of PlayDisplay on account of its dozens of cases sold for the best Russian and international brands in innovative visual communications, as well as to develop their own education.

The company describes its mission as follows: "To surprise, impress and inspire!". And while it is successfully managed. 

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