Plemzavod Kopachevo (Arkhangelsk region). Began to update technology

It took about an hour with imported mower to clear the grass on the field, an area one and a half acres. This is the result of the presentation of German technology, purchased Plemzavod "Kopachevo."

— Our company is engaged in the cultivation and breeding of cattle holmogorskoj breed — the director of JSC "Plemzavod Kopachevo" Alexander Gabriel. — Today, the farm has 200 head of dairy cows, milk delivered to dairy Severodvinsk but has signed a new contract with the intent of "Milk." The new equipment is procured with the expansion of cooperation with processing enterprises of the region.

According to Alexander Gabriel, the technique has not been updated on the pedigree farm 15 years, so now embarked on a radical modernization.

This loan will help the company "Russian Agricultural Bank" and subsidies allocated from the regional budget. It is important that during the modernization of job cuts will be. Currently, the company employs 56 people, the average wage is about 15-17 thousand rubles.

During the presentation mower mows the grass strip width of nine meters, and the baler, which not only refines the grass, but packs it into rolls, Agriculture Minister Yuriy Gusakov not resist and also drove the mower.

— My impressions are good, — said the minister. — The machine is easy to operate, despite the complex field profile. One such mowers two or three substitutes of the tractor. Use this technique on a farm irrational, so we have already discussed with the director of the possibility of such a breeding farm equipment leased to other farmers. Then she used to be more efficient and faster to pay off.

As the Minister said, the company, which is the city main to Kopacheva, much attention is paid to social issues of rural development.

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