PMZ: on the threshold of mass production engines PD-14

Perm Engine Company Announces Preliminary Results of last year. In 2012, the company promptly and fully complied with state orders for the supply of engines PS-90A Specialty Packaging Il-96-300, Tu-204/214 Special Flight Unit "Russian."

During the year, the plant produced 14 new aircraft engines PS-90A. In the framework of the obligations of the plant for Continued Airworthiness park airlines operating aircraft with Russian-made engines PS-90A engines were repaired 78 of the model, as well as restored 5 of PS-90A.

In the framework of the state defense order repaired 35 of the D-30 mounted on the Tu-134 federal agencies, carried out modernization of the model D-30 Series II to D-30 Series III. This work will be continued in 2013. It is planned that the company will have to repair and upgrade 48 of the D-30. As a result, the total volume of state orders for the repair of the D-30 as compared to the year 2011 will increase by more than 4 times.

In 2012, the company completed a significant amount of work to ensure the aircraft repair business units and accessories to repair and extend the life of the D-30F6 strategic fighter-interceptor MiG-31. The plans for 2013 — almost double the production volume of this type of product.

In 2012, after a long break in the production line of OJSC "Perm Engine Company" returned nodes helicopter engines TV2-117A. In 2013, "PMZ" OJSC plans to increase their supplies to JSC "218 Aircraft Repair Plant" and JSC "Ural Works of Civil Aviation." It is expected that the amount of the contract by almost 40 million rubles will exceed the amount of the contract in 2012.

"2012 fully confirmed the stability of the OJSC" Perm Engine Company "as a serial manufacturer of gas turbine engines for aircraft and ground-based applications. By comparing the number of issued new engines and the number of working days in the last year, we can say that every fourth day assembly shops businesses leaving the new engine. And if we add the restored and refurbished engines, the Perm engine builders in 2012 handed over in operation more than one engine every day, "said the managing director of OJSC" Perm Engine Company "Aleksey Mikhalev.

2013 opens up new perspectives for the Perm company: growth in orders can be traced both in terms of repair of aircraft engines and gas turbines in the production of land-use, production parts and components of aircraft and helicopter engine program D-30F6-117A and TV2. Despite the fact that the contract for the supply of 156 PS-90A76 to fulfill the order of the Defense Ministry for the production of Il-76MD-90A passes the final negotiation of prices and delivery dates in the United Aircraft Corporation in 2013 to begin production of the first batch of preventive engines PS-90A -76 under this order.

A landmark event for the company was the surrender to the test May 30, 2012 the first engine — technology demonstrator PD-14. Production of fifth-generation engine is a wide engine-industry cooperation between enterprises of Russia. PMZ delivered to the assembly of a prototype high-pressure turbine, high pressure compressor stator, a part of the low pressure turbine, part of the combustion chamber and other components. A key objective Assembly and testing complex "PMZ" — completed in 2013 trained production area for mass production of PD-14 aircraft engine and gas turbine power plants on the basis of its gas generator.

In 2013, at the Perm Engine Company will continue the implementation of a systematic program of long-term development of the enterprise. It is carried out at the expense of own funds as "PMZ" and other sources of finance: investment loans, the state budget allocated under the federal target program for the development of the defense-industrial complex for 2011-2020.

"Perm Engine Company" — serial manufacturer of gas turbine engines for aircraft and industrial gas turbines for power generation and gas transport. "PMZ" is part of "Management Company" United Engine Building Corporation "- 100 -% specialized subsidiary of OJSC" UIC "OBORONPROM" for engine assets. JSC "OPK" Oboronprom "- multi-profile industrial and investment group established in 2002. It is a part of "Russian Technologies".

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