Pneumatic and crawler excavators Exmash (Russia)

According to the press service of the plant "Exmash" in 2012 will be fully updated range of models of excavators. This upgrade will affect all excavators mehlopat in particular will soon be launched in the production of updated models: E170W wheel excavator weighing 16.8 tons, pneumatic excavator E140W weighing 13.7 tons, wheel loader E190WH weight of 19 tons, as well as crawler excavators E160S, E200S, E300S weighing 16 tons, 22.5 tons and 29.2 tons, respectively.

These machines have passed all the necessary procedures for certification and are ready for mass production. New models of excavators are more mass, endurance, carrying capacity, improved design and improved ergonomics. As for improvements, they are clearly reflected in the performance specifications: Capacity of new models increased by 30%, the turntable is better aligned with the movement of the working equipment, enhanced efficiency of protection rods of hydraulic cylinders blade and outriggers.

Much attention is given to the designers improve comfort excavator operators. The new cab has a large glass area, which is several times increases operator visibility and comfort in the machine control is provided by pedal-stroke with improved handling. Also cabin is equipped with a hatch in the roof, the installation of the heating air conditioning, sound system and MP3-radio.

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