Pobedonostzev — an evil genius or a patriot?

Pobedonostzev Konstantin Petrovich — municipal , lawyer, professional writer, chief procurator of the Holy Synod. The ratio of historians on this controversial personality very contradictory. Make your own conclusion about whether Pobedonostzev villain and black genius sunset era of autocracy, or it was a true scion of his own fatherland, try the text of the article.

Born and educated in Pobedonostzev believing family doctor of literature, literature and admirer of Orthodoxy. Intelligent atmosphere made it a good student and brought the love for knowledge. Konstantin Petrovich depict a young intelligent and reasonable man with a romantic kind and passionate character. Specifically, he owns a scandalous work "The Emperor undertone." But the liberal youth fairly rapidly replaced by alternate conservatism and character acquired firmness. Youthful ardor was replaced by prudence, perseverance and steadfastness.

A successful political career began with the protection of the title of master's in law about the dilemmas of civilian justice and reform. After a successful defense followed by an invitation to enlist in the imperial house as a tutor of royalty, including the heirs of the municipal throne. Such an honor once again confirms that the level of education Pobedonostseva was one of the largest in the capital and in Russia. After serving in the governor Konstantin Petrovich held important positions and passionately involved in political life. At the time of its own entry on the path of the municipal government, he was already established personality with rigid beliefs and worldview.

In the Russian time Pobedonostseva portrayed an angry obscurantist, intolerant though what freethinking, inert and dry, all those who resist the new and liberal. Most clearly reflected attitude to Konstantin Petrovich unit in the poetic lines of "Nemesis":
"… Pobedonostzev over Russia
Owl's wings stretched out … ".

Russian historians of the period considered Pobedonostseva emblem Limited era destroyer of the free-thinking intellectuals of. Indeed, written by Konstantin Petrovich belongs recognizable manifesto dedicated to the autocracy and its inviolability, prepared for the ruler to mark the arrival in Moscow in the summer of 1881. He — the creator of the vast number of literary works, describing pochvennichestva and commitment to the absolute power of the monarch. As a member of the Municipal Council, as the highest ranking positions in the administrative apparatus, Pobedonostzev angrily defended the position of the reaction on at least some manifestation of democratic thought. Most of the work devoted to the municipal government, is aimed at promoting autocracy and harsh criticism of democracy and parliamentary election. The policy, which was held Pobedonostzev being Procurator of the Holy Synod, is sharply condemned by the Jewish community, particularly since the Jews were subjected to persecution and expulsion.

Forcible imposition of Orthodox peoples on the other religious culture was specific way to enhance morality and faith in God. Affected by the decisions of Konstantin Petrovich as the Old Believers and sectarians. There are numerous allegations of the address of the spiritual head of the bureaucracy that no real belief that man had not only fought for the preservation of the external forms and rites, avoiding theology and the search for truth. In support of the position of historians cite the results of Pobedonostseva, intense opposition to the liberal laws in life, with which were a bloody revolution and the complete collapse of the monarchy. Constantine Petrovic also blame the short-sightedness and stubbornness that he showed in the discussion of draft laws with jealousy making sure that their rules did not have much, or limiting the power of the monarch.

On the other side are the modern historians claim that Pobedonostzev — a true servant of the fatherland, to postpone the fall of the Russian Empire in the fourth century. Historical merit of Constantine Petrovic to behold the fact that he resisted and did not give the emperor to sign the bill Melikov. In their opinion, the document would lead to unrest already strained mass, led by the revolutionaries stood up immediately.

Limitation of the monarchy could save the country because the changes required by different morals and scale. Also refute reasons to dislike about Pobedonostseva to cultural and enlightened representatives of the Russian intelligentsia. Reliable facts are friendly affairs with Dostoevsky, Solovyov, Nesterov, Vasnetsov, Mussorgsky and other excellent people of literature and art. Most things were a bit crowded with Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. With the majestic Russian writer alike in Pobedonostseva common sights on the way to the country, ideas about the only sure salvation from death in the faith, populism and autocracy. The leader of the "militant obscurantist," as it is called Konstantin Petrovich Russian history, could not be a friend and associate of such a genius as Dostoevsky. Reasons that the head of the Holy Synod of avoiding arguments about the truth and not fond of theology need not be in denial. It really was the case, but not as Konstantin Petrovich did not have faith, but because of his nature. Pobedonostzev preferred to rely on facts, not vague and abstract reasoning righteousness, and had no inclination to go into extensive discussions. Dignitary was pretty easy to believe in the existence of God, as well as in the inseparability of the autocracy of the country. He likes the tough measures against the Liberals was convinced in his own right, and the usefulness of these measures for the future of.

So Makar, you can not read that Pobedonostzev was the epitome of evil, obscurantist, consciously arguments of the country to critical moment. This patriotic and, of course, a clever man he served his own fatherland, and remained true beliefs through. It was both positive and negative, because of Konstantin Petrovich better regarded as a man of his time, adequately defended the position of the Conservatives.

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